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    Alright, so...
    Herochat. Or whatever it's called, I'm not a fan of plugins. But anyway, I never really liked the idea of Global chat; on servers with lots of people, it becomes overcrowded. hard to track what a friend is saying, or what people are saying locally.
    I propose a new set of Communications-Based items, along with a localchat system configurable in server configs. After all, modern technology is centered heavily around communication.
    The Wireless Radio
    The wireless radio would be a tier-1 communications device capable of receiving radio signals along various bandwidths. A very simple device, it would consume around about 2 EU/T in exchange for passively receiving Radio signals. Signals are received as chat messages entitled, for example, (Radio) Hello there! Volume could be adjusted in the GUI up to 25 blocks.
    The Two-Way Radio
    The Two-Way Radio would be a device capable of actually transmitting Radio Signals, but only to an area, say, 500x500 around it. This would encourage players to build more advanced radio tech. Signals are transmitted by simply talking around a 5x5 radius of the block. IT would require a 3 EU/T current to function. Volume can be adjusted up to 20 blocks.
    The Radio Transmitter
    The Radio Transmitter does what the Two-Way Radio cannot; It transmits a signal across a frequency globally, allowing people from two halves of a map to communicate. Must be placed > Y = 200 to function. Requires constant 5 EU/T and functions like a two-way radio without the two-way bit. Sensitivity could be adjusted in the GUI.
    The Handheld Radio
    The Handheld radio functions as a handheld version of the Wireless Radio. It has a volume of 3 blocks and acts like a tier 2 version of the Wireless.
    The Handheld Two-way Radio
    ... Nuff said. Transmits only in 200x200 radius.
    The Bluetooth Headset
    A helmet that functions like a handheld two-way, but doesnt have to be held. Hold+Shift-Click to adjust. Can only be heard by you. Others will think you're weird. Tier 2.
    CD Recorder
    Allows you to record chat whilst the device is active. Tier 3, 7 EU/T
    CD Player
    Allows CDs to be played back. Can be transmitted through a neighbouring radio. Tier 3, 6 EU/T
    Speaker :|
    Attatchable to radios, etc to increase volume up to 50 blocks.
    Explosion tinnitus
    Not an item, but an idea; when you are hurt by explosions, you are unable to hear for a bit, plus a whining sound in your ear. Like in SourceEngine.

    Wait wait wiat, hold up...
    Tekkit no longer has IC2.
    So forth shall his dastardly reign over the filthy, unwashed masses crumble, and shall his greed and unwillingness to ask permission be his downfall.
    On a related note, it should be possible to stop the crafting of Qsuit armour, or at least chestplates, in order to make PvP even a possibility.
    I mean, yeah, Flan's mod makes INSTAKILL weapons available, but come on; Those are, like, way frickin' OP.
    Now, I shall be off to check whether this guy was truthful in the Tekkit has no IC2. wait up while I download *SHUDDER* The... Tekkit Launcher... God, I feel so dirty.
    EDIT: My God... they... really did. Well, I have to do more lurking from now on.

    Radioactive Fallout should be able to be Picked up with a Shovel, giving you Radioactive Dust, which you can Centrafuge (If you have GT Installed) into little bits of Uranium/Plutonium.

    Vanilla extractor? And bear in mind that IC2 vanilla does not officially support GT.

    Don't they have that in BTW? Also, HV solars is an addon. I have no idea how you think it's vanilla IC2, but experience tells me that these kind of people are usually T***** Noobs. Also, learn to use full stops; don't they teach you that in Primary/Elementary School?

    The idea is that you would take it on a long mining trip and process ores on-the-go.
    But yeah, I have been playing TF2 lately. saaaay... My Steam name is ArcticWinterZzZ, BTW.
    In any case, Throwable machines would make for a really cool addon, don't you think, mr Fallenbeast?

    OK: so, in short; Put machines in toolbox, charge beforehand, and when you want to use it, simply hold it in your hand, hold right click to charge up the throw, and release and POOF! Instant Macerator. Want to pick it back up? right click with the toolbox! Since we already have (useless) Toolboxes, this would be a good way to give use to toolboxes; craft it with a machine and Energy Crystal, charge it up, and you have a machine that can be used on the go.
    Throwing the machine out would turn it into an entity that's basically a machine in entity form. There is no real reason that this would not be possible (Hard, but not impossible).

    OK, simple one this time;
    The Defib Unit is a chestplate item. It needs to be charged with 1 mil EU, and will kill all mobs within a small range, whenever you die. Death drains all EU from the pack, and the pack will essentially give you a second chance, so you don't lose any items.
    Anyone who's played L4D2 will understand what a Defib Pack does, restoring a fair bit of health and draining the energy. However, this will completely drain your hunger and saturation, so if you don't get food quickly...
    No life for you.

    - Needlessly complicated
    - Useless
    - EE2 no longer exists
    - EE3 is much less OP
    - Would require crafting blocking, i.e: Changing not only basefiles, but actually changing one of the fundamental game elements. and that is not allowed.
    - You said the "T" word
    - The only possible use I can even think of is to troll people.
    - You yourself have no idea what Klein Stars are
    - This would be mind-blogglingly OP
    - If you think EE is OP, take it up with Pahimar, the current maintainer of EE.

    I recommend you actually make the faceplate transparent and instead add a few... shadings, I guess, to indicate the glass-ness. The whole "Opaque Faceplate" thing really isn't that, well, nice of a texture.
    Also, I think I should do the item textures, just sayin'. And as for the faceplate, maybe use orange tint instead. It's more modern.
    Plus, It really doesn't look like you put much work into the actual armour textures. It looks like you made white armour and painted it slightly. Add
    -More detailed overlays
    -Deviate from standard procedure *REFERENCE*
    No, but what I did with my "SpaceSuit Helmet" was:
    -Get the texture for a diamond helmet
    -Add a solid orange faceplate
    -Shade the helmet in beige
    -Add shadow effects
    -Highlight some bits
    -Recolour outline to "Account for ambient lighting conditions" (If you can get that reference, I'll be impressed)

    Not saying I'm better than you, but I think I should do the item textures...