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    I definitely like this idea :3 Will probably implement it as part of the rubber set, given its meant to be an hazmat suit (thus its mask requiring some sort of airsupply as well).

    i think it would be a good idea for it to be used kind of like a safety suit for dealing with nuclear reactors as well.if you don't wear the full suit then depending on your protection levels(no matter of the heat of the reactor)that it will induce a poisoned state due to radiation poisoning. again lethality depends on amount of protection (also a cool idea) as the reactor heats up it also heats the air or a limited space around it requiring that you use coolant cells as well to be near the reactor (maby use crafting recipe of: :coolant cell:chestplate:coolant cell: ?
    also using an air filter as a longer lasting but more expensive alternative to air cells(only above ground) maby made with
    carbon meshes for the filter (rechargable)? if so it would have to hold an incredibly small charge or we have more quantum armor. if this is stupid then im sorry but this is my first reply to a sugestion.but it could make gameplay more interesting

    lol 2 people fear the nuker

    sorry i cant provide a full report but the screenshot is all i have. reason being it would appear for a few seconds and then disappear.if you have a fix or file for me please let me know