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    Looks like I misinterpreted the suggestion!
    I thought he was talking about an autocrafting table, because of this sentence:


    The new improvement in technology is the automatic crafting table: Configure your recipe, input resources and energy and let it be!.

    Hm, looks like I got that drastically wrong. Sorry :wacko:

    Well, right. But what if you don't use these? It maybe won't make much sense in those kitchen sink packs, but if you just want to play IC2, and you want to automate, say, Scrap Box production, what will you do now? Also it doesn't need to be expensive, the recipe could be as simple as a crafting table, a machine block and an electric circuit, maybe a chest or some redstone, it shouldn't cost more :D

    Industrial Assembler
    Industry's number one automated crafting solution!

    I'll keep it simple:
    I want an autocrafter. Like BC's auto-crafting table, but on electricity (and faster)(and upgradeable).

    Here are two textures for it, one for the top in inactive state, the other while it's active
    (I attached them to this post.)
    The other sides should just use the "normal" machine side and bottom textures

    PS: Isn't it a bit strange that an autocrafter still doesn't exist in IC2 after so many years?


    • industrial_assembler_inactive.png
    • industrial_assembler_active.png

    I already showed this to Player at BTM16 2.0, but I thought I should eventually post it here too, to get other's opinions on this idea

    The idea: An additional upgrade that allows players to assign sides of the machine to one or more specific slots, not unlike CoFH did in Thermal Expansion, but still different.
    It is explained relatively nice in this picture I made:

    There's also a .psd version of this with layers: DOWNLOAD

    This also disables normal side associations, and should be avialable for every block in IC2 which has an inventory with slots.

    Player also said that, after converting to the new XML machine GUI system, this would be "reasonably doable"
    I know this wouldn't have that much uses, but it would be still useful :D

    I really, really like your addon, and the GUI ist so well done! But a 1.8.9 Version for IC2 2.3.X is needed so much, because of the lack of converting methods here. RF API for 1.8.9 has been released several months ago, and I don't expect the EU API to change in incompatible ways soon, so.... Can you please do it? :Matter: (<- Old UU-Matter to convince you)

    I really like jetpacks, but sadly, IC2 features not many. Other mods (e.g. SimplyJetpacks) inspired me to make this suggestion, so here is my suggestion:

    In the following, I will use "normal" as a constant. It means "the standard Electric Jetpack as it's in IC2 in the newest experimental".

    The "Nano Jetpack"



    The Nano Jetpack should fly 1.25 times faster than the normal one, and have a storage capacity of 1M EU. It should consume as much energy per tick as the normal one does.

    The "Quantum Jetpack"



    The Nano Jetpack should fly 1.5 times faster than the normal one, and have a storage capacity of 10M EU. It should consume as much energy per tick as the normal one does.


    The Quantum Chestplate should require the Quantum Jetpack in it's crafting recipe, and fly at the Quanutm Jepack's speed too.
    If the Jetpacks feel too overpowered in-game, it would be a good idea to nerf them (or using a config option) as follows:
    Electric Jetpack: 0.75 times normal flying speed
    Nano Jetpack: 1.0 times normal flying speed
    Quantum Jetpack 1.25 times normal flying speed
    The Biogas-fueled jetpack's (this one: :Jetpack: ) speed should remain untouched!

    The textures I provided here are just a result of me having too much time. However, if this would make it into IC2 (or an addon), feel free to use these textures if you want!


    • NanoJetpack.png
    • QuantumJetpack.png