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    I just had a weird crash with latest experimental build (#131)

    (if you don't support 131 yet, sorry - however IReactor hasn't changed in last couple builds)
    And yes, I checked, no other mod is overwriting ic2 api.

    Hi Greg,
    I've recently encountered a problem with grinder automation: I wanted to create Sodium persurfate grinder only, that is filled with copper and persurfate cells, when avaiable. However, when I run out of persurfate, the bottom slot is filled with copper ore, which blocks the grinder from doing anything, until I manually reset it. I have tried both sides and top, hoppers, AE and smallbuffers, all combinations behave the same - they fill the top slot first, then the bottom slot. Is that intended, or am I doing something wrong?

    edit: I also tried pumping liquid persurfate in, and blocking the bottom slot with cobble, and it seems that grinder doesn't accept liquid persurfate.

    Also, is the near-depleted uranium cell recipe disabled or moved? Can't find it in NEI anymore.

    Hi Greg,
    I have a problem with covers, they don't show up in multiplayer. They work fine on singleplayer though, and they seem to work in SMP, but they just don't show at all. I checked the log, there is no error from GT_mod, aside from failing to add Nuclear sensor kit...

    So I'm supposed to pull from the machine casing multiblock part? Thanks, I'll try when I get home. I was trying to pull from the side of the part that sticks out where I attach power, water and pipe in the inputs.

    No, all interactions with the machine are done through the "part that sticks out", even pulling items out. It always worked for me.

    It's really not. If you are specifically talking in the context of TE next to GregTech's rebalanced IC2, I have added 3 separate recipe-changers for the Pulverizer and Smelter - you can require that the Machine Frames use Steel instead of Iron, you can require Gears instead of Ingots for all machines, and you can add a Diamond requirement on the two "OP" machines specifically.

    First of all, I would like to say that I didn't realize you were following this forum, if I did, I would have chosen milder wording for my post, sorry about that.
    I did not know about these expensive versions were there, they are pretty much exactly what I meant - especially the pulverizer, as I find the Gregtech's Macerator recipe adequate for this kind of functionality.

    As far as the Pyrite thing goes, that's actually Greg adding that recipe - I'm not doing it. He adds quite a bit of functionality to TE machines when installed alongside his mod, and that's actually pretty cool - he is obviously under no obligation to do so.

    I agree that mod compatibility like this is a great thing, however this particular recipe, and a couple of others, are a whole lot cheaper in induction smelter, so this reproof should have been aimed more at gregtech and less at TE.

    The MJ energy storage is one whole bucket of fuel. That's it. It's only OP from the perspective that you are going into BuildCraft with the preconceived notion that MJ-based power has to be awful. It obviously does not.

    The Redstone Energy Cell is much more than just a bucket of fuel... It has amazing power output (~17 combustion engines), requires no cooling, output is controlled automaticaly, it's easily movable (imagine moving those 17 combustion engines around). It pretty much obsoletes gates, as all the control is done automatically by conduits and energy cells. But that's why buildcraft power system was so great - it wasn't as simple as electricity systems with their unrealistic storage capabilities, automatic flow control etc.... Also you needed to choose between a variety of engines, some require cooling, some have warmup times, then there is the whole railcraft steam system, every one of these has a different use. But the REC can do all of it, in a single block. (Only thing about it I find possitive about is is that it looks much better than conductive pipes)

    Did anyone ever use LESU? It is so extremely expensive, that I don't see why anyone would ever want to use it... it would be cheaper to create a chest full of lapotron crystals and feed them in and out of a MFSU. On the top of that the limited output... I just can't find a way in which it could possibly be useful.

    Also, Greg, are you planning in rebalancing TE in gregtech? Right now, it's pretty useful for all the cell emptying/filling recipies, but otherwise it's one of the most OP mods out there... pulverizer is better and cheaper than macerator, induction smelter is cheaper and can do a lot of blast furnaces work (like pyrite smelting). And the buildcraft-energy battery, which completely breaks MJ power system with it's OPness (although this last one doesn't really interfere with gregtech).

    Lastly I just wanted to say that Gregtech is awesome, improves the way technical mods are played in general, you are a visionary, etc.....

    Frames + machines still don't work for me in 2.77a, now machines won't change to their respective machine type after they are moved, they stay as the default machine and stop working (so it's propably not a client-side issue)(I have tested moving diesel generator towards a MFSU, no energy was produced). They can still be wrenched and after chunk reload they turn into the correct machine.
    In 2.76d there was another bug, which I couldn't test now. Machines turned into the correct machine after moving, however they got "messed up" - when you opened their GUI, random items were popping in your hand, sometimes even armor, which isn't in the GUI at all, making it virtually imposible to put the correct items into the machine.

    After installing yesterday's version of gregtech, machines can no longer be moved by RP frames. When they are, they revert to the "base machine" (the one that looks like advaned machine), and right-clicking it causes disconnect ("internal server error") with following NPE:

    Before the update (not sure which version it was, but it wasn't more than couple days old) it supposedly worked fine (not 100% sure, just one of my players says so).

    EDIT: Before the update we were using 2.75a

    Greg, is there any reason why there is no change in EUs given from fuel cans when I centrifuge bio cells and biofuel cells, and coal cells and coalfuel cells?

    The bio cell and coal cell recipes are more energy-expensive, which balances out the extra energy you would have to put into extracting them (I believe the costs of the two recipes are 1000 and 5000 EU, and the 4000 difference between them equals roughly to the cost of 6 extractor operations). It just pretty much saves you the need to run all items through an extractor, making automation simpler.

    Well the main problem here is that renewable energy is already far superior to anything non-renewable, at least in SMP. Leave a couple of windmills running overnight and you have several full MFSUs.
    Reason for that is that they don't have any of the disadvantages they have in real life:

    • unreliability (battery blocks, which are unrealisticly strong, cancel that out)
    • need for expensive wiring to the main network (you can build windmills in a valley, watermills in still water...)
    • extremly long time to pay off (extremely cheap compared to the cost of the fuel)
    • large areas of land rendered useless for agriculture/any other use (they take up a single block)
    • coal/uranium energy is cheaper (there are no mines or companies you can buy fuel from, you have to mine it yourself)
    • nuclear reactors don't explode (in IC2, they explode quite regullary)

    If all these applied, then you could talk about a "choice" between renewable and non-renewable, so far there is no choice.
    And btw:
    co2 + higher temperature results in INCREASE of plant growth, not decrease.
    most of the "pollution" in the picture is just steam
    nuclear plants leak no radiation at all
    But, to be fair, you forgot one critical problem of nuclear plants: nuclear waste, which, until we have proper technology, needs to be stored somewhere

    Well you are right that if the storage isn't high enough, fast-charging would fail totally. I don't know if it's currently possible to drain energy from multiple sources at once, but if it was, setting the buffer to packetsize*16 (16x the maximum overclocker rate, or isn't it?), should work (it would result in 512,2048 and 8192 storage sizes, which still fine), while it would require the engineer to provide the energy in real-time (as other machine do when highly overclocked)

    I don't think of the HV bench as "stealing" 10 million EU that you'll never see again. I see it as storing 10 million EU so it's ready to recharge that suit of quantum armor, nano armor, or other tools. It's not wasting EU sitting there, it doesn't ask for more from the Energy Net than it can take in and it never uses any EU unless it's actually charging an item. If you don't put any overclockers into it it won't waste a single EU of power. Anything that goes into the charging bench will come back out into items placed into it to charge. The faster charge rates and the ability to charge up to 12 items at a time absolutely require a sizable internal buffer of energy because it simply isn't practical to supply it with the kind of input needed in real time.

    That depends on how much energy you operate with. If I ran a nuclear reactor, it's no problem to just fill it up and then recharge at will. Lately I tend to play with low-energy setups, running just several machines and basic tools, I would never use up 10 million energy on tools... not in the entire lifetime (we restart worlds relativelly often).

    On the other hand, both LV and MV benches store relatively little energy, considering what one might want to charge (40k vs 60k batpack, 600k vs 200+300 laser+LP), the only problem is the HV bench. (Which I never use, so you can propably ignore my entire suggestion :))

    However, it could still be useful if it was cheaper... That way, one could charge items, as fast as he can provide energy in real-time. That, of course, would be much weaker than the current charging bench, as it wouldn't be able to charge more than one item with no overclockers. However as this is quite a balance-changing feature, it would be up to you if you wanted to implement it.

    Great work reviving this great mod.

    However your "slight" modifications pretty much ruined the Charging bench for me, as the two reasons I used it were:

    a) it was much cheaper
    b) it didn't have the stupid energy storage.

    To a): you are right, it may have been overpowered, however the storage ability of the mfu/mfsu is the thing that should be expensive, not the charging ability. I mean, I can produce HV, but I can't use it to charge tools without a building giant battery??
    And to b): I don't like playing with battery boxes, that are highly unreallistic IMHO, instead I try to create auto-balancing generator arrays, permanently-on generators etc... With the original charging bench it was possible, but not with this one (Ok, I could create a setting that activates splitter cable once item detectors count off the items that were put inside...). Basically a HV charging bench "steals" 10 million EU that I am never going to see again, unless it is used as a regular battery.

    That's why I am asking you, if it were possible to add an option (through config or creating a second set of benches) to reduce the capacity to minimum (I would imagine that would be one packetsize), possibly making the benches cheaper in the process.

    The same can't be really say with a "Legal" open source of their code, since they leave it open anyone and their grandmothers are free to do what they please with it, something even blatantly copy their code and they can't really do as much as they could when it was a "Illegal" Closed source.

    Just because they release unobfuscated code doesn't mean it's open source. That depends on the license you release the code under. Even though you can get the source code, it doesn't mean you are allowed to copy it and release as your creation. If they packed the source code with the game now, it wouldn't change a thing about legality of the mods, it would only make mod development easier.

    I had RP, NEI and Railcraft, but the same bug persisted even after I removed all of them. Currently I have ModLoader 1.2.5, Forge and IC1.95. It goes right to "Saving chunks" after the world is loaded, and it ends up corrupted.