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    Continuing this from a misplaced thread in Agriculture forum.

    I have a problem with crops on my SMP server. Crops are working fine in single player, but when I try to plant crops it is like the sprites are not loaded correctly. The seeds are there for 3-5 days then they just disappear. However when right-clicking the crop block the wheat correctly pops out, so they are there. Anyone knowing anything about this?

    Thanks in advance.

    The problem is that they seem to grow, the sprites just aren't shown, so I can't see them when they are fully grown. Right clicking still yields the wheat as supposed to. The seed bag with no name simply has no name. The small popup usually backgrounding the name tag of items are just about a space wide with nothing in it, no text at all. I have seen the problem with my own mods when the name was not put in the language file.It seems like I am missing something in my IC-file or something like that?

    This might be more appropriate in the support section I guess, but I can't move it now??... I just figured, that it seems the sprites for the crop-stick grown crop just isn't there. I use the default texture pack and IC2 1.64.
    The seed bag I got also has no name, and there comes no info when I try to cropnalyze it. The battery is used but the dark middle part just remains empty.

    Hi everyone

    I have now conducted cropxperiments for a few days but I simply cannot get the seeds in my crop blocks to grow. I watched the tutorial video and the only thing I do differently is that I have not yet gotten myself a recycler and thus cannot produce any fertilizer. After some time the seeds just disappear and the bare cropsticks are left, however I can get wheat by right clicking on it. What do I do wrong?