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    Server is 1.25 vanilla , MinecraftForge v3.1.2.95, industrialcraft-2-server_1.95b

    an< clue ?

    best regards, Andy

    ...just a thought: have you tried checking the version of IC the mod is for? You know, the number in the title?

    This mod requires Modloader/MLMP. Since you can't have MLMP and forge, you can't use this in SMP.

    Since the question has been somewhat dodged and not really answered, I would like to re-ask it: is there an update planned for 1.2.4, or are we stuck at 1.2.3?

    It's not much of an update, but the unavailability of the earlier server jars presents an annoyance if you happened to miss the window to download it. MLMP has recently been updated to 1.2.4. I can't imagine there are too many wrenches porting from 1.2.3->1.2.4. Still, would be good to know if it's planned or not so people don't keep asking. Then again, there's no news on Buildcraft or Redpower being updated, either.

    Modloader needs to be installed on both the client and server for IndustrialCraft to work, and any place that modloader is installed, it'll create a log file. My bet is still that you have differing item ids on server and client. Check your IC2.cfg on both and make sure all item ids match.

    I am sure that this issue has been seen before, but I didn't see a thread, so was curious what the status is since 1.70 changed functionality but didn't fix the issue. Users can't see what the trade is supposed to be (either the input or output items). They can successfully complete a trade, but by using the left slots, not the right. The trade-o-mat owner can complete trades using the right slots and can see the input and output. This is in smp, if that wasn't obvious.

    Just thought I'd post and see if they'll be fixed soon.


    Just wanted to bring this back from the dead since it's still an issue in 1.64. Just wondering if it's being worked on. Happens whenever using a nether portal. After doing so, whenever sprinting and jumping with quantumsuit causes you to be launched extremely far and normally results in a kick due to moving too quickly. It's a bit of a nuisance having to relog every time I go through a portal.