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    Would be interesting for PVP, and would make the transportation of energy even easier

    A beam that can leech power from a target, such as a player, or a machine.
    The power would feed into empty batteries, crystal, or lapotron crystals, in the order of lowest to highest.

    A player hit with the beam would lose energy from his armor, and any batteries or crystals he has in his inventory.

    A different setting would be to have a beam ADD energy to targets, at half the efficiency. You could also overload a crystal, machine, or player, by giving them too much power, causing them to explode. Energy storage devices in a player inventory would do damage based on their max storage.

    Max Storage = M
    Hearts of Damage = D

    D= M/10,000

    A battery would do 1 heart of damage, and a crystal would do 10. A lapotron crystal would do 20 damage to the player, and then 10 damage in an area around him, minus 1 damage per block away from the player.

    So, if a player holding a lapotron crystal that overloads stands near someone who is 4 blocks away, he would take 20 damage, and then his friend would take 6 damage.

    Cost of item:

    One mining laser, with three iridium plates on top of it, two lapotron crystals on the side, and an advanced circuit on the bottom.

    I thought you were going to suggest Maglev trains or something when I saw "Magrail." Is the concept supposed to be similar to a Railgun? A gun that fires projectiles via Electromagnetism?


    Magrail, Railgun, Gauss Rifle, whatever you want to call it.

    It's really quite abysmal at a range that you would go for range attack strategies.

    10 blocks or less, you're just crippling yourself by using a ranged weapon.


    The mining laser can certainly be used as a weapon, but it does rather terrible damage compared to the bow (which makes sense as a balancing aspect)

    As an alternative as a weapon, it would fire pellets for a considerable amount of damage, it would also require an HV to charge, and would be at tier with say the quantum suit. It should -also- require iridium to make.

    It would do no block damage, but would do 9 hearts of damage, with about twice the range and speed of a bow, no charge up, but a 3 second cooldown (if that's even possible to code with 'tools')

    Recipe for the pellets could be two advanced alloys stacked on top of each other, to make 16 rounds, up to a stack of 64. It would store 1 million EU, and spend 2.5k EU per shot.

    Perhaps a sound similiar to this:

    Something piercing and powerful sounding.

    There's more problems with them.

    1. Hit box takes the place of a whole block. If you like really compact work stations, it can make it difficult or impossible to use a machine next to it if there's a luminator by it.

    2. Energy consumption is too great for a dinky ass light. Storage time is too small for the amount of energy it requires to run.

    3. Skin between 'off' and 'on' is not noticeably different. It can be very difficult to tell if a luminator amongst a series of luminators is on or not.

    4. No way to pick them up, you can only break them. Why?

    5. Sometimes it will eat an entire crystal.

    6. Can't place two luminators that share the same block, much like a sign. I don't see a solution for it, and its probably not a big deal, as we're all used to that problem with signs and paintings, just something to note.


    1. Colored luminators? :D

    2. Strobe, pulse, or motion detection settings?

    Thanks for reading, also keep up the good work, this is the best minecraft mod I've ever played. My group of friends have been playing this for days on end. We're already working on a functioning power grid!

    I noticed sometimes when you mess with a machine too much, occasionally they'll get jammed.

    Happened to a generator once, and it would refuse to burn anything, no matter how much power was in the system it was connected to.

    Happened to my mass fabricator too, have to rebuild it :(

    What I did:

    Kept putting in scrap as it ate it, as I had several stacks.

    What happened: It just stopped working, no sound, no progress, nothing.

    What I tried to do to fix it:

    Removed it from the power source, ran it on a lapotron crystal, no effect.

    Removed it entirely and put it back down, no effect.

    Replaced the wiring in case that was bugged, no effect.


    Getting the same problem. My geothermal plant causes a lot of lag, in a certain radius outside of it. We're thinking of moving it far away from the base.

    We attribute it to 'air pressure problems related to the heat generated from the geothermal plant, simply equalize ear pressure to get rid of strange feel' which translates to: mute sounds when in radius.

    Basically, it'd allow you to suck items towards you at a greater range.

    Tractor beam would allow you to bring players and mobs towards you at a higher speed and range, with a greater energy cost.

    This is useful if you're like me, and you have a wood plate tesla coil system ;.;

    Armor will disintegrate if used with a specialty item, if the player takes ANY damage that effects armor durability. (No breakage on drowning)

    Jetpacks will kill the player in SMP when they land, regardless of how gently they land.

    Jetpacks will also cause the player to get kicked from the server for flying. IC2 vanilla server.

    This is still a problem.

    Armor will disintegrate if a player uses a special armor item with it, like a jetpack, or rubber boots.

    Also, jetpacks will always kill players with falling damage, regardless of how gently they land in SMP.

    Whenever I wear a special item, like a jetpack or rubber boots and I take any damage, the armor immediately disintegrates.

    Also, whenever I fly around with a jetpack, I get kicked from our server.

    When I land with a jetpack, even gently, I die from fall damage.

    Also, our mining lasers barely do ANY damage whatsoever.