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    Again, don't mistake the ability to access a shared inventory to mean a chunk is loaded. That data is stored elsewhere.
    Yes, stuff like Ender Chests is amazing and pushes the envelope, but people are clearly still expecting that it does more than it actually does.

    Look, I don't know what to tell you. IT IS POSSIBLE! I KNOW it is, but there isn't a mod that does this because theres virtually NO point in vanilla minecraft. Yknow what, il just go ask him and be back here with what he says in a day or two.

    The universal rule of programming: if you have to ask, it is possible. If you didn't ask, then it's still possible.

    I don't think that a mod changes how worlds load. I'd love to hear your explanation on how it can load chunks from two dimensions, which may share coordinates, when a player is not present there.
    Don't mistake the ability to access a shared inventory for anything more than it actually is.

    A developer im working with is creating a Zepplin mod replacement(because how the Zepplin mod makes stuff move is, and I qoute, a technical dead end)and he is planning to store crafts in a pocket dimension. If he can store them in another dimension, change their render location to the normal world, and even have the player COLLIDE with it(not sure how exactly he's doing that, il ask him later) then surely he could make chunks stay loaded in the nether. And if he can, other people can too.

    Than there is no point in using clay,it's friggin rare resource,and you should waste 20 clay and 1 deiterium for one tritium,which is worth 1 280 000 -my guess,that using a nuke reactor without chambers with a single uranium and 4 coolant cells is WAY more efficient

    If isotopic separator for lithium-6 would give a 10% rate (roughly 10 clay per tritium),than 4 tritium would make 5 u-matter >>> 48 clay,which would be roughly 5 tritim,which is more or less profitable (or I'm way too rough here >_>)
    Still,clay isn't something,that is wasted - it is a highly needed resource,and this update isn't worth wasting it,IMHO

    Still,a fusion reaction is waay too funny here,making 1 H-3 from 1 Li-6 and so on.
    Shame,we can't use nuclear

    You fail to realize that clay is like 10% of the visible bottom of oceans, I could just jump down there with my quantum suit and mining laser set to explosive and come up with stacks of the stuff.

    Consider that this will still only be possible in SMP, and that you need someone on both sides to initiate the transfer of items across dimensions.
    If no one's in the Nether (or the overworld), time doesn't pass there - that means engines don't pump, items don't move through pipes, machines don't process and essentially, nothing happens.
    Just because an Ender Chest inventory is accessible from one realm to the other won't suddenly make your Nether lava cell factory work unattended.

    Well, sure, in vanilla Minecraft. With a mod, it's more than possible to keep chunks loaded in the nether while your in the overworld, the only problem is loading them in the first place. Although I guess you could load chunk cordinates out of a txt file or something and manually load those.

    Albalka has stated before that the electric jetpack is more for mineing and such with it's hover mode, while the gas jetpack is more for traveling long distances. But how can we travel long distances with it if we can't move foward faster then walking speed? So what im suggesting is that a third "Travel" mode be added to the jetpack, if you enable this travel mode then the direction the jetpack thrusts in is dependant on where your looking.

    The balancing factor here that makes sure this isn't overpowered is that you have to be extra carfull, or youl be meeting the ground at jet-propelled speeds. Plus you could add a increased fuel use or crafting upgrade requirement or something if that isn't enough.

    The lack of uranium does not help nuclear engineers who want to use this map.

    One downside I find often is that when you install Industrialcraft, and you have this nice big world allready with lots of neat stuff on it, is that you can't easily find ores because you have explored so much. So what im suggesting is a tool to generate Industrialcraft ore deposits in a world, and it is entirely possible because you can get the seed from the level.dat, and the same seed always generates the exact same ore deposits.

    There could be a few different options, like only generating ore deposits in smoothstone, or a forced generation option where it adds all ore deposits that would exist if the world was started from scratch with the same seed, no matter if the would be in the middle of a building or mid air or something similar.

    1: Is the Pump meant to only take the lava source block directly below it out and no others? Because its pretty much usless like that except for celling water. And why can't it directly pump into a water mill?

    2: How exactly do you channel energy into a Teleporter? No type of wire links up to it, and all attempts of powering it directly from a mfsu so far have failed.

    In the guide to nuclear engineering, it is said that a Integrated Heat Disperser will spread heat evenly to nearby cells, but what exactly is nearby? Is it the cells directly to the up, down, left, and right to it, or what?