Suggestion: Jetpack travel mode

  • Albalka has stated before that the electric jetpack is more for mineing and such with it's hover mode, while the gas jetpack is more for traveling long distances. But how can we travel long distances with it if we can't move foward faster then walking speed? So what im suggesting is that a third "Travel" mode be added to the jetpack, if you enable this travel mode then the direction the jetpack thrusts in is dependant on where your looking.

    The balancing factor here that makes sure this isn't overpowered is that you have to be extra carfull, or youl be meeting the ground at jet-propelled speeds. Plus you could add a increased fuel use or crafting upgrade requirement or something if that isn't enough.

  • Yeah! the great limiting factor with jetpacks is that though rocket powered they only move you at walking pace :thumbup: