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    Thanks so much for the update for 1.12.2, you made awesome work. I didn't notice any bug in the mod itself, but still there are some problems.

    It downloads automatically Compact Solars, but not the last version, and when updating to the new version, it will continue to redownload the old version, and so Minecraft crashes because of mod duplicated id.

    Another thing not links directly to your mod, but Compact Solars, it displays in redstone creative tab, not the best. It should have his own creative tab, or in IndustralCraft, or Tri-Addon creative tab.

    You should publish your mod on Curse, because I don't think will allow anybody to use it in modpack. Curse is pretty annoying when it comes to non Curse mods. And it would be the best for you too, you would be paid by Curse for it. ;)

    I admit that it would be nice to add options for the max-y and min-y, clustez-size and cluser-per-chunks options for ores gen. It's kinda annoying to not be able to control anything of the oregen like in all other tech mods.