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    You dont have to cross finger to hope to get a second seed, Just plant your best plant next to the ferru with a cross breed stick in between and clear all plant that spawn that are not ferru.

    so after a while you can harvest the middle ferru and just re-plant it further and voila, infinite ferru garden.

    I started with quantity then switched to quality ^_^


    Put best plant in corner, (U). Enjoy mega breed at (X) middle is either empty or water.

    EDIT: Cocoa need the right biome it would seem.

    Im running 15-15-15 ish plants of all kind just fine, but im still having problems with coco.

    It rarely blooms, and cross breed is also difficult. My best coco is like 0-1-2 lol

    I have this coco plant that bloomed once in the past 5 real life days.

    On ferru/aurelia just put ORE block under it it will bloom without hydro/fert.

    Edit: Im not sure what biome im in but it looks like plain near an huge ocean. im near the beach.

    yes .. i have some with iron, some with gold, nothing works.

    i can never harvest it.

    Some have 8 air @ 64 level ,

    Some have 0 air @ 64 lv ..

    I spent quite a few days testing....

    I can never harvest it ...

    Need more hint please...


    Tier: VIII

    Discovered by:


    Now please Alblaka, give me a hint on how to reach final stage on ferru, i read the forum everyday, but i can't get a clue.

    Just a hint ... please...

    I answered my own question:

    Cocoa Can be planted in any biomes, just click the empty crop stick with fertiliser before planting the cocoa seed/plant.

    Now im really struggling with final stage of 'trollweed' AKA ferru.

    i tryed different distance from water source, with leg shape, straight etc etc.

    Maybe ... Maybe biome...

    Would also be nice to know how to get final stage of blooming on ferru :S

    I know i got some in cross breeding because i have the seeds for it.

    But i can't figure out how to plant.

    I try different time of day, different soil , different plant next to it, in cave, in altitude, n all shades of light.

    I just can't plant/grow cocoa plants =*(

    Any help?