Mysterious cocoa plant

  • I know i got some in cross breeding because i have the seeds for it.

    But i can't figure out how to plant.

    I try different time of day, different soil , different plant next to it, in cave, in altitude, n all shades of light.

    I just can't plant/grow cocoa plants =*(

    Any help?

  • al has mentioned some plants can only be planted certain places so maybe the biome your in? im interested to know the answer myself

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  • It seems that the cocoa plants like to be "drier" (or dryer?) than other plants, try planting them some blocks away from water (4 is enough, i think)

  • i tryed different distance from water source, with leg shape, straight etc etc.

    Maybe ... Maybe biome...

    Would also be nice to know how to get final stage of blooming on ferru :S

  • For ferru, shove a block of iron ore underneath the dirt block you plant it on.

    For Cocoa, I have it planted in a regular forest biome, next to a desert biome, right next to water. However, seems like sometimes the sticks bug out, and I have to replace them, or retill the soil to get it to work. Also, do not plant while it is dark. Flowers and cocoa does not seem to like that. At least not in my game.

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  • For Cocoa, I have it planted in a regular forest biome, next to a desert biome, right next to water.

    I placed it in a plains biome right next to a desert. Seems to have something to do with deserts.

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  • They are definitely mysterious, and I've had a hard time trying to plant them. One time I tried to plant, and it didn't work (even though I had just harvested cocoa from the same crop) so I got annoyed and broke the crop stick, replanted the crop stick, then was able to plant cocoa... *confused look*

  • AFAIK you need to reach certain conditions for each plant to even be able to plant it. Fertilize cropsticks before planting, also apply some hydration. Hydration is a bit tricky now, since you can reverse its effect by overhydrating plant. Just give it one click with fertilizer and one click with Hydration cell and try to plant it then. It cannot be planted at night, i think.
    Not 100% sure about all this, but it might help.
    Edit: When I can't plant cocoa, I hold right mouse button a few seconds and sometimes it works. ^^ If not, i'll just plant it on other block.

  • I answered my own question:

    Cocoa Can be planted in any biomes, just click the empty crop stick with fertiliser before planting the cocoa seed/plant.

    Now im really struggling with final stage of 'trollweed' AKA ferru.

  • troll weed is tricky you need a block of iron ore under it but you also got fert and water it and if its nutrient levels get to low once its fully grown itll disapearso while ferru is tricky to grow the fert and water system imho is gimped since we cant read the soils levels or anything
    and stumbling around in the dark is for noobs

    The difference between a noob and a scrub is there is hope for a noob they can learn, a scrub on the other hand thinks they know better or dont care enough to learn or get better

  • I wonder how hard it is to read the fert/hydro level of a block for a addon... Not claiming to be developing it, just a thought...

  • Either cocoa is bugged or it doesn't like having sand/sandstone underneath the crop. After removing the said sand I could plant. Sadly, I had replaced the crop too, so I can't be sure of what did the trick (though I had tried to replace the crop a little earlier).

  • I have yet to run across problems with cocoa. So far everything I have grows when I put it close to water and in light level 15. I'm using Jack-o-lanterns to do this. I am also doing this in a swamp biome. I am quite convinced biome effects not only what plants can grow, but also stats of hybred plants.

  • Im running 15-15-15 ish plants of all kind just fine, but im still having problems with coco.

    It rarely blooms, and cross breed is also difficult. My best coco is like 0-1-2 lol

    I have this coco plant that bloomed once in the past 5 real life days.

    On ferru/aurelia just put ORE block under it it will bloom without hydro/fert.

    Edit: Im not sure what biome im in but it looks like plain near an huge ocean. im near the beach.

  • Well I am planting the cocoa in a swamp too, and all my best plants are cocoa :D
    How do you have the time to grow plants into 15~? My best are around 8 xD

  • I started with quantity then switched to quality ^_^


    Put best plant in corner, (U). Enjoy mega breed at (X) middle is either empty or water.

    EDIT: Cocoa need the right biome it would seem.

  • Two questions on Cocoa, which are not clearly answered here:

    1. Can i use Cocoabeans to plant it?
    2. If so, how many of them do i need to plant one?

    Would be good if someone is answering that.

    Oh, and Alblaka said, that actually NO PLANT requires a special biome.

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