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    Who the heck still uses biospheres?

    i did because its fun having the entire biome encased in a sphere and having to battle a billion mobs to get to either the next biome or the nearest ore sphere(both of which usually end in my inevitable demise via hug, arrow, or void). plus it keeps everything together and neat. ever tried them?

    who the heck used them in the first place

    someone who wanted to have access to all possible biomes without having to search the entire globe for 12 hours for them. i personally had never seen a mushroom biom without this. this one was genned inside castle walls which are 6-8 blocks thick of cobble through the use of a world generator. the same world genner had a golden tunnels (or something like that cant remember the name) option which meant that you spawn in genned tunnels deep beneath the ground where more mobs than you could ever handle or count will inevitably spawn and gangbang you as soon as you play the world. i barely managed to survive for 5 mins. there was glowstone scattered around to assist you but it was futile. now i'm rambling.

    using objects from vanilla, rp2, and ic2, i was bored. 15 mins later i had a 3-layer thick reinforced stone box with rp2 wiring leading out to a switch on the top and a single nuke in the middle. flip the switch and run. BOOM. it broke 2 layers on 2 sides and 1 layer on the other 2. thats wasnt any fun :/. so i broke out more space inside and put wiring coating the entire inside with rp2 wiring and 9 nukes in the middle. i flipped the switch. for some reason that didnt work. this did not please me. i proceeded to replace some of the wiring with nukes and ended up with 30 nukes inside with the ceiling and floor coated with rp2 wiring as well as some wiring linking the floor and ceiling wiring. thats 9 nukes on the floor and 21 nukes in the middle. i turned on fly and flipped the switch and flew for the hills. before i post the picture i must mention i am doing this in a biosphere area(not biosphere mod just a biosphere region gened by a program called mcterra) and i placed this setup right beside my home biosphere.

    here is the result of the 30 nukes:

    don't try this at home kids lol. it barely missed my house simply taking out scaffolding on the corner but as you can see it still took out half my home biosphere. oh ya and it put me in a dead freeze for about a full minute.

    wanted more carnage so i started a fresh world and created a 16x16x16 block of reinforced stone and hollowed out a 4x4x4 area inside(that means it is 6 blocks on all sides between the now 32 nukes and the rest of the world. i set it up again with wiring spiraling to a switch and this was the result:

    nice to see you finally got this up at least a bit. cant wait for smp.
    anyways i grabbed it and popped it in and this happened:

    it looks like theres a file not in there but heres the rest of my modloader:

    edit: i derped a bit. will put the zip in the mods folder this time >_<

    Overclockers make the machine run faster but demand more energy
    Input Transformers make the machine able to run at higher voltages, use one for maximum MV and two for maximum HV
    Storage Upgrades make the machine able to store more energy

    so overclockers add speed and storage upgrades add eu storage. do you mean the the input transformers stop the machines from blowing up when i hook up an mfsu?

    oh i thought those slots were some wierd storage slots thx

    now how do i make them? and where do i find more info on them?

    nvm on the recipe figured out nei will show me that but still eed a place to find more info on them

    i look through my available items in nei and i see these upgrade items so i give myself a couple cause it wont show any recipes and i put them in a batbox, a generator, and several other things and they do nothing. i looked on the wiki and they dont exist there. what are these upgrades? how do i make them? how do i use them?

    thats what i got when i installed this. why is it asking for something thats not there.

    i noticed this a while ago and forgot about it but its a very serious issue. every time i smelt my ores, lets go with 6 iron for example, i put them in the furnace and i come back later and there is only 1 iron. same with any other material i put in the furnace. what is going on?

    > config/Ic2Config.cfg

    Contains all ID's AND can be used to reassign new ones.

    the problem there is i dont have the ic2 config with my bc/rp install but it occurred to me to look into the config in the ic2 install w/o bc/rp and, 30 mins and lots of id changes later, i got in without a block id crash.

    now onto the nest issue. why do my lappack only have one use and why do my d-drills and ov scanners get used instantly in mining machines. another thing i noticed is my batteries are getting used up instantly in the solar thing.

    referring back to my original post i did try reinstalling mcforge so its on top but that didnt work like it did for rp

    btw its just "ic2.cfg" not "ic2config.cfg"