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    They way your Olivine is produced disturbs me a bit. I did a research on Ores on Wikipedia, just to add more realistic Ores and found Olivine. Well, it doesnt consist out of Titanium at all. You should add a new Olivine-Ore to the World.

    OredictNames, which are already supported by GregTech as i added the resource Olivine myself:

    um i have removed the olivine stuff as i need it.

    Hey, havent talked to you in a while :D Hope you can get on skype soon too, want to do some more stuff with you :D Got some great ideas, for the mod itself, but also for texturing :D

    hey :) well i just got halo 4 so im playing that alot :) and i have exams coming up so dont have a lot of spare time to code and i am coding the new mfsu block almost got it working :)

    Riza8, can u make compatibility titanium ore with pulverizer from thermal expansion (


    yeah ill work on it for the next update :)

    Can you please make a current Technic SSP version, if so that would please me very much, because this is a quite good mod addon. If you can't I'm fine with that.

    like i would completely rewrite my mod just to be used by a mod pack that is pretty much stealing money from mod developers. my answer will be know for technic and tekkit

    it looks like im going to have to make a diamond chainsaw now aswell :P

    Thanks for the reply, ok so it's not on my end good to know :)

    I have Railcraft\BC\Forestry\IC2(of course:D)\Mystcraft hell basically if it's a well known mod and the majority of their addons I have it lol and the 600 range is clear if that's at all helpful :)

    I'm liking the idea of a bigger MFSU, my Railcraft boilers\turbines will need something more to store all of that in. Well ok I do have GregTech as well but I'm probably going to do something silly and get a loop of converters\storage options set up just for the hell of it most of the mods have ways of storing\converting\ producing power so might be fun to see if i can get free energy by up and down converting between mods lol

    thanks ill have to chose one of them and use them i was thing 680 range?? is that free based on what you have??

    yeah well my bigger mfsu should work the same but output 2048eu/t (may be a config for that) and hold around 100 million eu :D

    Got a small issue with the Titanium Chest well a largish one, the recipe doesn't work, when cheated in it's textured as a vanilla chest in inventory, when placed in the world it's invisible and it is very very slow to open the GUI I don't have a crash related to it so unfortunately there is no crash log to point at and go AHA!!! otherwise I would have it's not an item or block ID conflict as far as I can tell I mean the mod items did conflict with railcraft ID's but I resolved that. Possibly related but possibly not the titanium ore was an untextured white block until I enabled the "light" in the config.
    So my question is is this an issue at your end or should I go looking elsewhere (probably somewhere in the 44 other mods installed lol) for the problem ?

    Edit: Oh yeah a small suggestion given the easy availability of titanium (compared to diamonds anyway) I would suggest that the chest recipe needs to be more expensive as currently it is easier to obtain than the diamond chest from ironchests and as big, so given that the titanium is fairly rare possibly sticking a diamond in the middle (instead of the chest) and calling it a bling latch would put it pretty much dead on for cost. I really like the mod costs for items otherwise and the mod itself works very nicely.

    yeah im going to need to find new ids for the block to stop conflicts with rail craft(its on the todo list :D )

    the titanium chest is bugged i haven't got the rending stuff right with it that's why the recipe is disabled, i have had completes with the block textures it may be something to do with my pre-loading texture code ill have a look at it after this next update witch is adding a new laser, the modes and laser texture is not working right now: :(

    im also trying to get the ISU (bigger mfsu :P ) added so lets hope i can get that all added :D

    What I mean is that in actual Minecraft code, a wooden pick is Teir 0, stone and gold tier 1, iron is tier 2, and diamond pickaxe and diamond drill are tier 3. So perhaps the osmium drill should be tier 4, to allow for mining of things like adamantine from Metallurgy 2.

    oh yes :) thanks for that i have made it teir 4, sorry i got confused because Ic2 has its own teir system to tell what items can be charged with what. :) anyway added it i hope will work for the next update witch i hope has a working blue mining laser :P

    i vote diamond chainsaw

    added poll, ill see how many people really want it :)

    Just to say, I think you did pretty well for this mod.

    well thank you :)

    Feel free to ignore this but here is my suggestions for this mod. First off, you need to add a diamond chainsaw, that is a middle teir chainsaw. Crafted much like the diamond drill, 3 diamonds in a triangular pattern with the original chainsaw. I don't know the exact amount, but whatever percentage the diamond drill is improved over the original drill, the diamond chainsaw percentage boost needs to match. For your tools, they need to be crafted using 1 lapotron below the tool, 2 circuits on either side of the lapotron, and 3 osmium plates in a triangular pattern on top like with the crafting of the diamond drill. These tools should store 1 million EU, be 50% faster and use 100% more power, by default, but be changeable in the config. They should also be teir 4, I think diamond drill is teir 3 mining tool? There are some Metallurgy 2 ores that can't be mined using a diamond drill for this reason.

    most of this is added, im going to keep the recipe as is just because its a end game item there meant to be expensive, seeing as somone asked for the speed of the tools to be in the config i will add them diamond drill is only a tire 1 because you can charge it with a batbox, i really dont see the need to add a diamond chainsaw but if people really want it i might add it. thanks for all the ideas :)