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    when i will look the Recepts from IC2 then i became saving chunks (only at IC2 was the problem , at the IC2 ADDONS not)
    here my mod list :

    Here the modloader.txt

    and the IDs from IC2:

    ever thank you
    lg giga (Sry for bad english)

    i have Mc 1.2.3 and i install Railcraft_Client_4.1.4 and then its crachs :

    thx for help

    sry for bad english -> im german

    any idea on when/if this add on will be updated to work with 3.x version of buildcraft? i used this before and i loved it but i really like using the builders from 3.x and having a handy power converter would be awesome. if not does anyone have an alternative that does work with 3.x?

    look at the first side , and look for this :
    IB v0.07 [SSP]
    for MC 1.2.3, BC 3.1.4, and IC2 1.81.

    this v. work whit bc 3.1.4 xD

    @kodemunkey post the error from the modlaoder.txt pls ^^

    have you install mineforge ? you need it for the bc engins :)

    edit :
    mod_ModLoaderMp 1.0.0
    update this ^^ you need for 1.1
    or have you minecraft 1.0.0 ?