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    Hello everybody.

    I encountered a bug, where I made Iron Furnace, and I wasn't able to use it.
    So rightclicking it did nothing. (It was the 2. Furnace made)

    Another bug, was with the Geothermal Generator.
    It acts as a normal generator.

    Greetings: Zeperus

    Your RedPower Array is pr4d, not pr4e. I will keep looking at the crash log to help.

    Well that is Eloraam's Fail XD She forgot to put in the version pr4e thats why it says pre4d I double checked It is the right version, but I had redpower before I installed IC² , and It worked perfectly fine. :) Thanks for your Help though :)

    I don't get whats wrong, it may be obvious, but I just dont get it.

    Please don't yell at me :(