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    advanced machines is Too OP for servers 'cause there is always too much of everything there and 5 HV solar panels can make full MFSU in few seconds, while powerful rectors has to have lots of functioning blocks around them..

    You clearly don't understand how HV arrays work.

    Normal solar panel = 1 EU/tick

    LV array = 8 EU/tick (built with 8 normal panels)

    MV array = 64 EU/tick (built with 8 LV arrays)

    So there is actually 64 normal solar panels used in the construction of a MV array, and a whole 512 normal panels to construct just *one* HV array.

    To summarize, it costs the same amount of resources to built 512 solar panels as it does to build 1 HV array and both would output 512 EU/tick, but the array does it only using 1 block instead of 512.