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  • Alblanamakadamanomnomnom and the rest of the IC² Team proudly presents:

    IC² Experimental for Minecraft 1.8.9, 1.9.4, 1.10 and 1.11

    IC2 builds for MC 1.8.9 are now available.
    It is available at the usual place.
    It still contains bugs, but it should be…
  • oggylt

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    Servers are getting wiped, players start playing from a scratch, broken setups can be dismantled and rebuilded. With it's content amount and reputation, IC2 have quite some weight to ask for recreating a world, if you get what I mean. After all, it's IC2…
  • oggylt

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    Aroma, it is not okay to just delete a Post without a good reason. Just removing the Post wont fix the Issues IC2exp is for sure still having. It is not a wrong thing to point out that there is stuff broken, and that there is fixes for that broken…
  • oggylt

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    Ok, so first of all: a lot of the suggestions sound really good. I'll go over each of them and tell you what I think about it.
    Please also note that even though I'm a developer of IC2, I don't like and approve of everything that's in IC2. That being…
  • oggylt

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    Solid Canning Machine
    This is another "Why does this even exist?" There's already a Solid/Fluid Canning Machine which is CHEAPER than the solid canning machine with 5x more functionality. So why's this still here? It's just more dead weight and longer…
  • oggylt

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    Those are suggestions that do really matter, also, i am going to hold just into the ones that are easy to program, here we go

    Heatproof redstone lever/torch/programmer

    Why would somebody want something like this? You would think, yeah, look at this: