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    Ah! Did not think of that. Was hoping to somehow be able to store the power, but it seems like the endeavor was a waste anyway, because of the amount of lapis the thing eats...

    Thank you though!

    I am having a slight problem. I "designed" a MOX reactor that ends up generating 21,700 EU/t, (uses LZH Condensators. You don't want it, trust me) but i cant get the power out of the thing because of EV-Transformers exploding. Suggestions on how to split the power into <8192 EU packets for further down-stepping?

    P.S. Using IC2 2.3.262 for MC 1.8.9, and Uncomplicated for the old Energy Net where machines exploded when given too much power.

    P.P.S. New to forums in general, so my apologies if this is in the wrong spot.

    I've actually found that there is a (albeit documented) bug with IC2 and JEI wherein machine recipes (as in the ones similar to Iron ore into a macerator = 2 crushed iron ore) don't show up in the MC 1.8.9 version(s). I saw somewhere that there is a certain feature missing in JEI in order for the IC2 team to add the recipes, but that post/whatever it is was a long while ago. Is there any known workaround for those recipes to appear?

    Okay, I thought I tried blocks, but maybe not. Also, to re-emphasize, I'm using IC2 for Minecraft 1.8.9, NOT the version for Minecraft 1.10.x

    Just in case that might have anything to do with the problem.

    Also, the crafting recipie for refilling condensator works with a single item, being tried using lzh only, and refills 40k, as the wiki would state. Will do further testing, now that I know to use blocks... Duh on me for not trying that...

    Edit: The only problem with the reactor coolers was generated by a PEBKAC error... Sorry. But thanks so much for helping!
    Also, wiki pages may be needing to be made, outlining the odd nuances of the block, for people like me that can't figure out to just use the block form...

    I figured that they would use lapis and redstone to refill, the problem is that they dont accept any items into the slots, and I can't figure out how to add items into the slots...

    So... Are they not fully functional in IC2 version 2.3.262?

    Forewarning, I am using the latest IC2 build for MC 1.8.9 (running it on a personal modpack).

    I found some blocks, called Reactor Coolant Injector (RSH) and Reactor Coolant Injector (LZH), and was super excited, but I can't figure out a way to use them. They don't accept any items (that I've tried) into the 9 slot center grid, and the "I" in the upper left corner of the GUI says that the only upgrade it accepts is a Pulling Upgrade.

    Basically, I can't figure out how they work, and there aren't any wiki pages (ftbwiki, ftb.gamepedia, wiki.industrial-craft, etc.) on them except for the old ones from Advanced Repulsion Systems.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.