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    Having same question here. I am in the process of making Gregtech 6 server and i want to add more mods that will work alongside gt6. But most mods are breaking balance or too independent of GT and that`s just not server theme. Currently i have only GT6 (finally got rid of Railcraft after Greg adding water barrels) and some mods like chisel, carpenters blocks. Even in chisel you have to disable granite generation or it will lead to lvl 4 hammers too early in the game.

    So, is it just too early to make such servers or i need to just agree that not everything should be in sync with greg?

    Hello there. Just a little suggestion, can you "greg" the recipe of IC2 electronic curcuit? It allows some stuff like eu-sensor to be crafted way easier than with greg-system circuits.


    Oh nice !

    Time to remove RailCraft again, and for good this time.
    Now I'm a just pump block away from removing BC too

    I am currently store water in RC raintanks, and i want to get rid of RC too, what`s my other options?


    I try to craft some silicon. According NEI i need a crystalliser but it seem that i need iridium for all of them. Is it a NEI bug or is it intented? To be honnest find lot of iridium in early game is really difficult and random ;)


    Just did it not long ago. Run between 40-50 and you will find vein. Random and difficult, but possible. You need lvl 4 pickaxe for it, or wash it out from sheldonite and platinum from the same vein.

    Geez, there is an LV -> ULV Transformer, maybe you should use that one, and dont forget to Monkey Wrench it to invert the Direction.

    And no LV Machine will ever accept the 8 of a Solar Panel. Just because 16 is considered acceptable for both LV and ULV doesn't mean that LV Machines would ever accept regular ULV.

    The IC2 Stuff is now completely unneeded for GT EU, there is now always a way to avoid IC2. No except

    Sorry for making you sad :-D I tried that transformer too, and tried to invert it, somehow failed, it won`t work for me (