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    It is me, KakerMix, Hero of Goonswarm via Goonswarm, out to destroy everyone.

    If I (or we I guess!) were out to make things "miserable for everyone" or "defile" people's work then you can bet your ass that I wouldn't bother giving credit to whose mods are in the pack. Why would I go through the trouble of that if I am simple out to CRUSH the community with "spite" and "malevolence". Why would I even speak with Alblaka, or steer people towards his paypal when they ask to donate to Technic? Why wouldn't I just take the money and run?
    You can hate us and the Technic pack all you want, but I want you to really think about what you are claiming. There is no grand scheme to somehow make life more unpleasant for you, MagnusUnion. We're not out to 'steal' work and if we are, we are doing a piss-poor job at it. I've turned away donations! You're right though, I'm only turning the donations away so when someone complains I can go 'no see we don't take donations!' so we can further get our justifications out there and seem even more legit! You've cracked the code! Because obviously the next step is to...uh...bring the community down! Yeah!

    I guess its absolutely impossible that the Minecraft modding community is really hard to get into if you are a new player, or more of a casual player of Minecraft. Its also not possible that we just happen to really like a lot of the mods in Technic and decided to put them together for some friends. I guess that the people playing Technic who might not have ever heard or seen Industrial Craft are really miserable or our goon puppets. Nobody *really* enjoys Technic, its all just a ruse to make everyone have a shit time. And its true, Alblaka was lying about his triple digit donation spree he had, maybe he's even a secret Goonswarm agent!!! I guess that the reason Technic is really popular has anything to do with it making it easy to get and play the best that the Minecraft community has to offer. I guess I am defiling Forge for using it exactly like it was designed. I guess its a grand conspiracy that I am out, personally, many times more money than I spent on Minecraft. You're right, its impossible that we actually like Minecraft.

    - KakerMix, Hero of Goonswarm via Goonwarm

    Covertjaguar I'm not going to try to convince you we're great people or whatever. I don't need your respect to tell people your Railcraft mod is excellent, or link them to it, or encourage them to use the things you've created. I'm sorry you get more support questions though. :/
    HeadHunter67 and Cadde: Screaming about things you don't understand and speaking for people you don't know. I'll take the personal insults toward me and others. Heck, I'll even accept the 'technic propoganda' (lol) that we spread around. What I won't accept though is the hollow threats made on the behalf of people you don't speak for. I'll talk directly to them without you being involved, just like I do now. I'd rather have everyone's permission but you two are the exact reason why I have a hard time giving this community a chance, your types make it absolutely toxic to everyone.
    I didn't have permission in the first place and yet here we are, more legit than it started out as.

    Woah hey now here is some hate. This isn't really fair to RichardG and his thread, but sure lets chat.

    First off CovertJaguar:
    We don't ask permission, we still don't. The permission has been given to us through various means, usually after people find out that we aren't assholes and that we truly and honestly love the mods and appreciate the creators. The reason we don't bother saying anything about it (usually) is because we don't want to cause drama between the modders themselves if we can help it.

    To HeadHunter67:
    You do not speak for Eloraam. You may have an idea on what she is like but you are grossly mistaken in this instance. She loves that picture, and you are stretching far to try to frame that as derogatory toward Eloraam. She, unfortunately, has a sense of humor.
    Our 'site' isn't about grace, tact or class, I don't know why you'd come in all smug and try to point that out to us.

    They are stealing our mods, our traffic, our adfly/adcraft links, our donations, our support forums, our IRC channels, our effort, everything. I did that to try to prevent the mod from being bundled with and installed alongside Technic, and to discourage people from using the pack.

    Hello I am here!
    First a correction:
    We do not take any donations for Technic. In fact, the only thing you will ever find is us asking people to donate to the modders themselves.
    'Stealing' your traffic? IRC channels? Support forums? Effort?
    I like how nobody bothers to talk, or hell, even ask us at all.
    The super-ironic thing is all you guys have to go on is the MC Forums where we don't have a presence. Nobody knows that we are friends with Eloraam, or that Ablaka was the first to give us permission, or that Xenophobe has always been thankful for us, or that Technic and the Yogscast is directly responsible for Thaumcraft being created.
    I 'get' that people see us ripping on FlowerChild and take that as all we do, but that isn't my problem. FlowerChild is bad for the community and the sooner people like him get overshadowed with people doing it right (Alblaka, Eloraam, Xenophobe, Azanor) the better off we will be.
    Its fine though, modders getting more people using their mods, outpouring of donations and lots of praise. Its a terrible thing I know :(

    Worse, Linux is like DOS in that it lists them off in the order they happen to be found by the filesystem. If you want things to be a /sorted/ collection you're supposed to do that your self by whatever metrics matter to you. (This of course makes sense from a design perspective; it isn't the operating system's job to do un-necessary work; if you wanted it sorted the standard library has the same routines it would have used had that been the design; you're free to call them your self if it's desired.)

    So yeah, that'd directly be modloader being broken instead of sorting the results it's self (or at the VERY least allowing a static list of 'must load these first/in order' in it's config file).

    This is beyond my understanding but people I know that are smarter at this stuff put the blame squarely on ModLoader as you say. Unfortunately for us, the creator of ModLoader doesn't seem to care at all and has been asked by multiple people, especially the Forge team, if he can put in the fix for it. Time will tell if we can convince the Forge team to either alter ModLoader to put in an actual load order component in or if Forge does away with ModLoader entirely.

    The way people usually get this to work (assuming you are on Linux) is to put all mod-of-mods into the .jar of Minecraft itself. If you were running a Linux Minecraft server with IC2 and Advanced Machines, you'd put the contents of the into the minecraft_server.jar. while leaving IC2 in the /mods directory. Minecraft loads everything that is in the .jar last, and since you have all of the mods requiring dependencies on other mods in your .jar they are guaranteed to load after their required mod, assuming their required mod is in the /mods directory still.

    This problem is caused directly my ModLoader and the way it reads load order. It loads files based on how the OS it's running on does it, so on Windows machines it's alphabetical. Linux is (I believe) creation date of the files.

    I like the concept but I prefer "invisible" forcefields, like in SciFi movies (a big colored dome without any material to design it).
    Maybe we could use "markers" like in BuildCraft instead of your fences/cables blocks ?

    Or maybe something like the old cable obscurator, a toggle to make it visible or invisible, since I can see myself liking both types.

    There was also the tweet Jeb that 1.9 is going to further change the biome code, so starting fresh again after 1.8. Since 1.8 is some sort of half-update (no NPC villagers) till 1.9 I'm not so keen on switching just yet. The new features in 1.8 are pretty killer (the lighting is fantastic) but the mods I've grown to love are better.

    I'd much rather have 1.7.3 SMP IC2 before 1.8 IC2 SSP

    They will be vastly improved in the next release. The problems at the minute arise from a slightly rushed implementation to get it out for 1.0. Only about half the sounds are working as intended. Player is currently working on a way to give us a huge increase in the amount of control we have over the audio system in minecraft. The restrictions currently in place are pretty hard to work around at present.

    The problem with the machines being too loud is my fault. I forgot to normalise all the samples. Will be fixed soon, hopefully. Bear in mind, this is the first implementation of a proper sound system for the mod, so there will be some teething troubles. :)

    Hey no doubt. It's a combination of me playing IC2 without sound so long and nostalgia for the old click-whir-beep noises. I had been experimenting with the sound files you posted and they seem to not exactly match the time for them to re-loop, causing hard hits in the noise department. I of course have no idea what the audio calls are or the length of time either so it may just be all in my head.

    If you don't want the sounds, delete the ic2 sound folder after instalation. Audiomod works fine when you take away it's targetted files.

    Btw, you havn't heard the new ones yet. They're far cry from IC1 and we're just getting started on them. Never know, you might like them. ;)

    The new generator noises are pretty good, but I miss the 'click whiiirr' and 'beep' of the old electric furnaces.

    The macerator sound is terrible, no offense. It's far louder than anything and it doesn't loop or end smoothly, just a loud 'cataclunkuku' then quite.

    Hi. I'm running Forge 1.0.6, Buildcraft 2.1.1 and IC2 .90.

    Specifically, when I place buildcraft pipes and attempt to use the diamond mining drill to remove the pipe it goes slower than it should and yields no pipe (like I was using my hands). However if I use a bronze pickaxe (IC2 specific) the destruction goes as quick as you'd expect and yields a pipe back.

    Since this functionality was there in IC1 and the bronze pickaxe works correctly I have to assume that it's a property of the diamond mining drill.


    Just wanted to ad that this caries over to machines as well, not only pipes.
    Another edit but someone had already posted this as a bug to which the response was

    "Not much of a bug. Of course other mods will not recognise this mod's tools as valid tools. Nothing can be done about that." by Alblaka.
    If that is the case then why did the mining drill get reconized as a pickaxe in IC1, and why does the bronze pickaxe (also a completely new tool) also get recognized as a pickaxe by mods? I'm wondering if it's a baseclass modification change and the switch to Forge has something to do with it, but again it must be possible to get it reconized simply because the bronze pickaxe yeilds pickaxe results in mods.