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    Which version of advanced machines? Mine at version 1.1, or Zipps at Minecraft version 1.1? If mine it'll work, if zipps it will probably crash, just wrench them so you'll get the item, then upgrade. That will work.

    Zipps. Well, I have Direwolf20's setup, so I can always NEI them back in. Will they self-delete if I uninstall advanced machines? I'm afraid I'd miss one.

    EDIT: Interesting . . . I didn't crash with just a straight conversion. . .
    The machines now have no real front side texture, but It's not like I could see that side to begin with, so who cares :D

    Well if you put 16 over clockers 2 transformers and a few battery upgrades hook it up to HV you can process almost as fast as you can move the stacks around the only down side to base machines is the output slots on the macerator and extractor

    So, this mod should work out a bit better, right? Cause I've been trying to save on block IDs. I really don't mine much ore anymore, anyway (Equivalent Exchange :thumbup: ), so extreme efficiency doesn't matter all that much to me. I spend most of my time building and watching my buildcraft oil well, and maybe building decent transportation systems across all my bases (thank Cave Johnson for portal guns).

    For a person who really doesn't come back home with all that much stuff to macerate and smelt, do you think normal macerators and stuff would suffice? I have more EU than I would possibly ever need right now, so a few overclockers won't be a problem at all.