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    You could try the main minecraft forum but keep in mind that there is no guarantee that you will get any form of support for modded games.

    I don't really like the hd texture packs that I could find for ic2 and I play using hd textures for minecraft so I decided to make my own textures. I only plan on doing the generator and machine blocks right now, the other textures are more complex to do right now and it's easy to find something usable in vanilla resource packs that works with copy&paste&rename. The style I'm trying to use is the vanilla ic2 style in hd. Therefore nothing fancy, just blocks that have the same base and a few details that makes them distinguishable. That way they can be used with nearly any hd resource pack.

    Here is one screenshot which shows the basic machine block, two electric furnaces and the sorting machine. A few more screenshots can be found on my homepage where you also find the download(s). Right now there is not much done but I will continue working on it.


    Not sure if it helps or if you've done it already but try creating a new world, save and exit and copy only the map files into the new one. If that doesn't help try deleting worlds you don't care about, like nether and end. It might be a problem in the save and it might just be a part of it you can replace or regenerate. If it's an error in your overworld map then I'm not sure it can be rescued.


    EDIT: also, you have two errors in your log, one from CoFH and one from Universal Electricity. You could therefore make a copy of your map, delete those mods and start the copy. You will loose all those blocks but if that was the problem you know which mods you need to update or where to report the bug.

    Would be great, especially for things like the pump that somehow always end up in ways the textures don't like. Mine is front down at the moment because the water is below and my sides looked funny so I rotated all sides in my ressource pack to match the way the pump is standing but that only works if you have only one pump or all facing one direction.


    I'm doing textures for the machines right now since I don't like BDCraft and soartex much. I will upload it as soon as I get more than a few machines done. Right now it's 512x512 but I do plan on down-scaling it to 256x256 so it will not slow my laptop to much if I want to play on it. But since I only just started making textures I'm not sure if it's something you would end up using.



    I just started playing with ic2 (1.10.2) a few days ago and I wanted to know if what I set up right now is good or if I somehow managed to do something wrong or not as good as I could.

    My setup is the following:

    I have two water towers with an CESU at the bottom of each one. The cable up is insulated tin and they are about 20 blocks high (haven't counted). The CESU of the second is wired to the CESU of the first with fiber cable, the CESU of the first tower is connected to an LV-Transformer. So far I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything to sub optimal. Where I'm not sure is the following bit.

    The LV-Transformer is connected to 5 batboxes because I kept running low on energy when actually using my machines so I have additional energy storage for when I actually use them. All 5 batboxes are wired with one insulated tin cable. That's the first point I'm not sure of. Is it better to connect 2 of them with an additional cable or do I use something other than tin? I'm still not to sure how the cables work. I do know that tin can transport up to 32EU/t but I'm not sure if the cable limits the energy flow to the bat boxes.

    From those 5 batboxes I run another tin cable to my machine wall where I just stacked tin cable 3 height and six wide to power all my machines. Here the same question than with the batboxes, do I limit the EU somehow through only using one cable to connect all?

    Machines I have right now are 2 ore washing plants, one thermal centrifuge, one compressor, one extractor, a block cutter, a metal former, a pump for the ore washing plants, a macerator, a blast furnace with electric heater (2 coils right now) and an electric furnace. Before the last new water mills I ran out of energy within 10 minutes of using both ore washers, not sure what happens right now but I don't think it will last much longer now.

    Is it somehow feasible to run on water towers, do I just need more of them or need even higher ones or should I put a few solar generators on top of them to help. Is there any way I can improve my energy setup, like use other cables? I'd like to only use maintenance free energy sources because I don't like relying on fuel or any other material that can run out. What I have now is a huge step up from my first try which is still running to power (or not power) my chunkloader. My first try was a wind mill and two solar panels connected to a batbox with tin cable and the batbox connected to the chunkloader. It would work if I only load two chunks but my base is 3 and a bit chunks big and I need at least 3. Right now that works at day when it's not raining but at night it only works every few seconds. I can't connect the chunkloader to the newer net before I'm not sure I can power it there because as crappy as the firtst try is, at least during daytime the chunk stays loaded.

    EDIT: I did a testrun just now, all CESU and batboxes were full, not even 5 minutes and the 5 batboxes were empty and while the CESU still had energy the machines only get a small tickle. Any suggestions how I can improve that?

    I do hope you have a few suggestions for improvement for me. I'm always trying to learn.


    In that case, the only thing I have appropriate to that size is the old 1.8.x LB photorealism 128x ic2 pack.

    Having that would be great. Any others, even if they are smaller could still be useful for their icons or a few great textures that I can upscale. If you don't want to upload those files somewhere I can give you my email per PN and you can send them there.

    I don't object, per se, but as it was not my work (actually an update to work with 1.7.10, which was latest at the time, which was a derivative done by Amilman of the original work by Doku) I don't feel permission is mine to give. The licenses and such across the line appear to be permissive (read: Creative Commons with credit given), so I can provide the saved files I have for you if you want.

    Are you trying to redo the Dokucraft textures or something else?

    I'm only trying to put together something that won't look out of place with my custom texture pack compilation so I can play without having 16x16 textures in my 128x128+ minecraft world. I don't intend to publish it anywhere or recreate anything. My normal resource pack is a compilation of many realistic resource packs and a few others that I use with a few friends and since we wanted to play something akin to tekkit (normal tekkit won't do since we had a few problems with mods in tekkit, 1.7.10 and OptiFine which we like to use) I'm trying to get something that works but there just isn't much to work with since all is either to small or Sphax.

    I had a copy of the anilman dokucraft for IC2 that I had updated some years back and unthinkingly deleted it off my backup drive. Was going to do the same thing as you and get it updated for current but now I find it can't be downloaded anywhere. Sigh.

    EDIT: Oops, I take that back. I had copies in other directories. For once, I'm thankful of my previously shoddy file management habits.

    Since you found it again, would you mind if I used a few textures from it? I am aiming to put together something in 256x256 and more realistic but I could use the item sprites and maybe a few missing textures since anything i better than having nothing.


    No problem. I managed to somewhat figure it out, only the item sprites are still a mess but I got about half of them sorted. I just figured there might be a list or something to make it easier.


    I didn't know, you were talking about a 1.4 texturepack you want to update.
    I don't know about back then. That was before my time.

    @MauveCloud: That is a good idea and I will be doing this if I can't find another way to match them becauce I noticed some textrues are just very much alike.

    @Chocohead: Thanks for the link .It sadly doesn't help with the item textures but at least I can get the machines sorted with it.

    If you open the IC2.jar file with 7zip or winrar and go to assets/ic2/textures, you'll see where they are in by default. You just need to place the textures at the same location in your texture pack.

    That's not the problem. The problem I have is that I have textures but don't know which item of industrial craft they represent because I have no way of figuring which new name the new picture has to get. I have the old 1.4.x textures and want to convert it to an 1.10 pack.


    since I can't seem to find a working and complete resource pack for 1.10 in 128x128 or larger I am trying to put something together from the few that I can find. Most of those are still texture packs with sprites all in one picture. It's no problem to seperate them but I am wondering if there is a list of some sort which item is where on there since I don't know the items (only strting with ic2 and I want the recource pack done).

    I do know that there is a working sphax resource pack but I don't like the looks of it.

    Hopefully someone can point me to a list or something so I can get working