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    While working on ic2 textures I found a few things that are a bit annoying with textures and I thought I tell you so that they might be changed:

    1.) I noticed that there is no texture for rubber leaves because it uses birch leaves instead. That's a bit annoying because I have to change the leaves in my minecraft resource pack if I want to change them. Maybe something like is there a leaf texture, use that, if not, use the birch leaves would work.

    2.) The batch crafter uses the same textures as the industrial workbench, I'd like it if there was a way for it to have i's own textures.

    Those two should only be small changes, the next one might be a bit bigger

    3.) I noticed, that most blocks have a top and a bottom texture- With the sides it's not that easy. There are textures which have 4 same sides, some who have the same left and right and some who have 4 different sides. My idea is to not have it fixed for a block how many different textures there are but have a modular system where you can name a texture name_sides and it uses the same texture for all sides, if you name it name_left it will specify to use that texture on the left side. For the other sides it will use either the textures named name_right, name_front, name_back, if they are not there name_sides and if that doesn't exist either the default texture. I'm not sure, if that's even possible or if it's a large change but I thought suggesting it doesn't hurt.


    What I have noticed while playing around with a few pipe mods and the fix is, that the crop matron won't work with pipes. My guess would be because of the two tanks it contains. I asked the developer of one of the pipes mods about it and he said they support multiple tanks in general so I think it's an ic2 thing. Is that intended behavior or did I stumble on a bug?

    EDIT: sorry, I should have read the changelog first, seems to be fixed (haven't tried thought)

    It's nothing to do with that, it's because nearly every other mode uses RF. Which for the record doesn't even use capabilities either. Ever since Tesla and Forge Energy emerged mods are supporting some of the 3, and the most common ones (like EnderIO or RF Tools) support all 3 and will seemlessly convert between them. From the user's point of view they see nothing different, probably because fundamentally they're not.

    Well the author of the mod told me that the only reason he didn't support was, that it didn't use capabilities, therefore my guess was, that all the others do use capabilities. He told me that it's complicated to implement EU because it wouldn't work alongside the other energies and he would need to implement a separate item (or items) for it.

    Because the cable isn't transporting the same energy the same way. IC2 cables have loss (unless most others, with exceptions like Immersive Engineering) and have tiers, whilst most mods just have a transfer cap and will output the same as they're given, no matter the distance.

    Well, I never really encountered energy loss. I use fiber since I have access to it and always use a energy buffer between longer distances. I don't have power tiers the way I use it right now, but that's just because the way I converted energy makes them obsolete. I wouldn't have any problem if there was loss and power tiers in the pipe/cables I use, I just don't want to take up more space than necessary with cables. If I could use them like in reality, put two cables together, then I would but using three whole blocks for the cables the whole way if I need items, fluids and energy somewhere just i way to different to transporting all over the same cable (not realistic, I know but I visualize that as a pipe with cables next to it) and only different outputs to the block I need it. I don't think placing more than one cable in a block will ever happen, at least not for cables from different mods so I have to save the space somewhere else.


    Okay, then it's as I thought with fluids, it's not your fault, I just wanted to know why that is. If there is a workaround in the future I will be happy.

    As for the energy. I didn't want to convert it, just transport it over an alternate network. That works with nearly any other mod using energy since they use capabilities, but because of the interfaces not ic2. So I had to convert it to forge energy to get it over this network. I don't like to place to many cables and if there is a cable to transport items, that can transport energy too, why put another cable for energy there?



    I tried using ic2 with integrated tunnels to transport fluids around and noticed it doesn't work. So I started to wonder, how does ic2 handle fluids? Does it use some kind of fluid api provided by forge or does it have its own system? Since buildcraft is out for 1.10 I'm looking for fluid pipes and the ones I picked just don't work. The problem most likely is, that ic2 machines such as tanks and pumps just aren't recognized as containing a fluid tank in them and so they aren't working. I did have to use EnergySynergy to get the pipes to transport ic2 compatible energy because it only uses capabilities, not interfaces as I was told ic2 uses. I think the fluid incompability has a similar cause.


    EDIT: Seems I got the wrong subforum, should be in IndustrialCraft² not here. I thought General Discussions was a subforum of IndustrialCraft²

    I have been at it for nearly 3 days now. At least crossbreeding works in general, I got wheat once out of my reeds. And right now I got carrots from either reeds or wheat or a combination of both, not sure what it was, was my center. I will try the 9x9 field, maybe I get it that way. Before trying it on the server I want to be sure it works at least, and I have to wait on the pump fix for the crop matron, in the hope that if the pump works, the pipes I use work to.


    I released version 0.2 today. Not that many new textures in this release but the ones that exist right now are in use even if the whole machine is not done yet. So you will see quite a few machines with not all sides done yet, reverting to default of another resource pack you use. If that bothers you, I suggest you stay with version 0.1 since not one machine got completed this release, just a few new textures. The download is, and will likely be for any update 'till this is finished, on my homepage found in the first post.



    I noticed that the one tab ic2 gets a bit full in creative mode so I thought it might be time to split it up in different tabs. If the advanced solar panels and graviton suit addons are installed they even use the same category. My idea would be the following:

    One tab ic2 machines
    One tab with tools, weapons & armor
    One with cells, craftable parts and maybe fluids
    One with all resources, powders, plates, ingots and so on

    The other blocks, plants and such could be either sorted in the normal minecraft tabs or in an extra ic2 misc tab

    That would make looking through the items and/or finding items much easier, especially if you forgot the name or the search function doesn't work (mine is broken atm and I don't want to find the mod which causes it)



    I had the time to test a bit, creative only for now, and noticed a few things:

    1. When placing crops I sometimes get a pink block before it loads the textures.
    2. I can't pump water into the crop matron with a pump. I tried placing it at two different sides and the bottom of the matron, with and without fluid ejector upgrade in the pump. It didn't work. It might be an issue, that the pump doesn't know which tank it should pump to. I tried with two empty tanks to see if it would pump into the other one but it didn't. As a workaround I put a ejector and a pulling upgrade in the pump and use cells filled with water.
    3. The arrows in the crop matron point to the wrong tank. (I know it's in the bugtracker already but I thought people might look here too and might wonder why it's not here)
    4. I can't seem to crossbreed stickreed. I try with a 3x3 field with reed in 4 slots, a crossbreeder in 5. It might be just bad luck that I didn't get it 'till now, or it could not work (either at all or how I tried it, did the mechanics change from the old ones I red in the tekkit wiki). I tried for half the day, letting it run and looking every 15 to 30 minutes.

    I hope it's okay that I post it here and not in the bugtacker, I don't want to have another account I won't use much.

    Download it, put it in the resourcepack folder, structure should be resourcepacks/folder/assets/ic2/... how the first folder is named doesn't matter. What I don't see on github is the assets folder, you have to make one and put the ic2 subfolder there. Also there is no pack.mcmeta which it will need to be detected by minecraft.

    A sample pack.mcmeta:

      "pack": {
        "pack_format": 1,
        "description": "Description"

    This file belongs in the folder the assets folder is in.

    I hope this helps

    The update did cause a bit of trouble but nothing bad. Only the limitless water source below a pump vanished. The industrial workbench works quite well now. Haven't gotten around to testing what happens when two players want to use it, if we get around it and the bug persists I will tell you.

    Thanks, then I have to pester my admin to update t an newer version and hope, it doesn't break anything else. Since half of our mods are in alpha or beta state so we can play 1.10 that happens way to often.

    Good evening,

    I noticed a few things with the industrial workbench where I'm not sure if it's a bug, a feature or a problem with our server and/or other mods so I thought I post it here first before I open up a ticket in the bugtracker and it's intended.

    1.) I can't use NEI with it. I can look at the recipes but the useful small plus button to put the items in the workbench is missing
    2.) Shift-clicking on the output to craft more than one recipe at once just does nothing or gives me the output from one recipe and then it does nothing. Sometimes I even have to exit the bench and open it before I can take out anything from the output
    3.) In multiplayer when more than one person has the bench open the error from above happens even if noone tried shift-clicking

    We run on the initial release of ic2 with the industrial workbench (industrialcraft-2-2.6.129-ex110) on 1.10 and I use 1.10.2-forge1.10.2- I know there are newer versions out there but noting in the changelog indicated a fix for the issues mentioned above and I'm not the server admin, and between Christmas and him being ill we didn't try to update since every time we do one mod or another makes issues and we have to downgrade parts of it again.


    I think this sounds really useful. I spent hours crafting just to get all parts for my energy setup which consists of tons of water turbines in towers with solar panels on top. It is just not that fun spending all your time in front of a crafting table just to assemble a part of a part of a part. Just having an machine that at least crafts the circuits would lessen that time. I really like playing minecraft, even after years of it and I think IC2 is a good mod and I will continue using it but just putting items in the crafting table, more often multiple times the same, is not fun. It's great for smaller quantities but if you really want to mass produce something it sucks. So being able to build machines that help in mass producing by building the smaller parts so that I only need to put those together would be great.

    PS: Sorry if it gets a little rambeling, just came back from a Christmas party so my ability to write what I mean in English is a bit worse than normal.

    Well, I get this message even if there are new posts which I can see. It might be that it's a problem with having this forum open and setting the time for last visit. I normally have it open and reload it when I want to see whats new and it might be that it somehow thinks my last login was before reloading and thakes only the time between that and the reload for the search but as far as I know I'm not counted as online if I just leave the page open, put my PC in suspend and reload when I wake my PC. It doesn't display anything new before the reload so the forum shouldn't even know I'm there.


    I noticed that two functions of this forum don't work, at least not for me. After I registered I could use them for a while but now they only give me an error. The two functions are "Show new posts since last visit" and "Mark all as read". When I try using I only get "There are no results for your search." for the new posts and "The link you are trying to reach is no longer available or is invalid. " for the mark all as read. I noticed this behavior a few days ago on my PC, my mobile phone, my tablet and my work PC. I am using Chrome on all of them and it could be that is only a problem with Chrome but it did work at first. I did test it with IE, didn't work there either but that could just be IE. Also the redirection when logging in does not work but I don't mind that one so much.

    I do know that this is an old forum which doesn't really get updates anymore but it's something that shoud still work and was still working not to long ago, I'm only a member for 3 weeks at max so it's really not that long.