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    I'm not sure what you mean, last time I tried SecuirtyCraft I used the Monitor item with the cams and they wouldn't move at all unless moved by me, here's what I mean: When I'm not on the camera, it will slowly move left-right as if it's watching the room. When I use the camera, the view is stationary unless I move it from the buttons, and it's still a slow movement, perhaps you have a buggy or corrupt version?

    i mean the camera turn left and right moving the wiev but after some time the cams increasa the speed of it and if u replce them they go normal speed,and with lookingglass tool u can place monitor on a frame and see it from a block

    Perhaps if a bigger update would come adding in more security-oriented tech, this would fit in. The tesla coil is already sort off a security feature or trap, so perhaps a camera may fit in, alongside perhaps a variant of the reinforced door that opens via entering a passcode in the GUI or palm scanner (opens when a certain player right-clicks it) and so on. On one hand, SecurityCraft already does this kinda thing. It has a decent system for the cams and ways to do the above, on the other hand, it's yet another mod to add and the fewer, the better, 1 big mod is less performance-heavy than many small ones, right?

    yea security craft did that,but the problem is that they made cams wiich move watching left and right and after 5 minutes they move very fast and u cant see nothing because they are too fast,peoples including me asked them to make them stopped on a visual but they doesnt final after 5 mins u placed the cam if u dont destroy and replace the cam u are not going to see anything i even asked a way on how to slow them (is not possibile by the confing file) but they doesnt their cameras and monitors are preetty useless

    Hi why not make cameras and monitor?I had this idea by watching a mod wich is for 1.7.3 and my modpack is 1.7.10 and the mod is dead but is preetty good,u can watch ur nuclear reactor and workers(with a mod) doing things in ur buildings,would be great u guys can keep or take the work of this dead mod is possibile to say other mod names in this forum?if yes let me know so i post this mod and u will see it... :thumbsup: