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    also when you are in hover mode, if you jump from high you slowly fall, but pressing space won't make you go up.

    I can not even crawl on the Scaffold

    Yes, holding space on the scaffold won't make you go up but you will slowly go down, might be something about capturing the spacebar...


    so, I did more testing... looks like new versions of minecraft forge broke IC2, I was using minecraftforge-universal-, then I downgraded to minecraftforge-universal- and now it's working... jetpack and scaffold


    Actually, the same setup that worked in single player did not work in multiplayer (minecraft_server.jar) and the issue is still present :/

    Server log + Client mods:

    I've uploaded a small video showing my test:

    I was trying the CF Sprayer in my test world to cover wires, it was working fine, but when I exit the world and try to enter again it crashes the minecraft:

    After we use a jetpack the game stop playing footstep sounds for a while. If we use a jetpack for a long time it will take several time walking to hear the footstep sound again, reloading the save will make the footstep sound work again until you fly with jetpack.

    Single player commands used to have a similar bug when using the "fly" command and they fixed, the pegasus from mo'creatures also does not cause this bug, the only mod that is causing footstep sound bug now is industrial craft 2. Please fix this, this bug is really annoying. If others coders could fix you can fix too.

    Unfortunately there's nothing reported in the log.

    If you want I can send a video, but I think it's not necessary...