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    Another one easy way: do 2-3 of cable colors prevent interaction with machines at all. Example - red and orange. So it can go closely to it with out explode danger. This is not the same as soon as it do not allow to break unwanted connection between two different machines, but close replace.

    Or add new one dye with mixed coloring, like yellow/black pattern:

    Same problem, on 1.43 smp. Using uumatter generator as end energy pit. All wires and system is ok, as it was said 3 times already it starts and stops work randomly.
    Some of generators shutdowns to 0 and starting get energy after some time, or imediatly if was resetled with wrench.

    In wiki was said about brokes with effective height more than 80. I builded a tower with height of each generator around 50, and it still randomly get 0eu generators for a time.

    Oh and the idea has a basic problem. It will totally inflate the amount of metadata of most machines. Since they are all inside one block this would mean that you would have over 100 different blocks stuffed into one ID. Technically this should be possible, if the metadata isn't used for something different.

    Nuclear reactor stores a bunch of data with all its invenory and temperature. Also induction furnace gots temperature and 2 additional slots, and any other processor inner battery, etc. Can we use this same way here to? We need only one more byte to store.
    How cables store it? In metadata?


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    Oh, now it looks more motivated, thanks. But still tastes bad. :P

    Coloring processors may be helpful to, just like additional element of decoration, not only wiring. If it will be textured closely to concrete coloring.


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    Effect - same as with cables. (connects appears only between same colored and non-colored ones machines and cables)

    It may be needed mostly to the EU storage and transformation machines, as soon as it will allow to make a more compact energy junctions, especialy when needed a lot of transformation.

    So machines for that:
    BatBox, MFE, MFSU, LVT, MVT, HVT.

    I got some cases where it may be realy usefull (mostly it was a modifications of existent complicated networks). But yes, its pretty rare.

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