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    We should have both Voltage and Amperage. As Voltage Rises, amperage decreases and thus so does the Resistivity, giving a reason to step up voltages.

    Well... it would be great. Really. Very realistic, very tech. And more great improvement than just "tier up" all things.
    Of course, if it can be done.
    RP2 didn't have real A/V. Because Eloraam never provided values for consumption of the machines, and no real rules of electricity were working. Ok, I crafting AV-meter, I measuring X amps and Y volts. And so what?

    Guys, IC2 electricity never had nothing with real world. Don't make any analogies.

    So if instead of adding a new storage between MFE and batbox they would have added it to the end after MFSU you would have been happy?

    Question is not in "where to place new storage" or "what tiers storages have now". Tier is just a number.

    Basically MFE is the same as old MFSU, just cheaper

    Really? New MFE = 16 diamonds. Old MFSU = 10 diamonds.

    If you want a cable that can survive 2048 eu/t (the output from an mfsu) USE HV CABLE, it only costs iron.

    I want a cable with no (or very small) losses. There was only purpose for fiber cables.

    Lapatron crystals still got a huge buff

    You mean it can store more energy? So what? What it gives me? More resources? More ways to get them? More possibilities? Where the buff? I had no problems with old MFSU with 10M eu. Seriously, I don't get it.

    Energy crystal energy storage increased 10 times (and bumped a tier up)

    Again, what buff is in it? Especially in "a tier up"?

    Best option IMO would be to slighly buff lower tier cables

    Ok, no problem. Remove losses (like it been made for BC energy pipes), or make it really small, like 1 eu per 20 block in worst case. I'm gladly would use them. Now I even don't have a way to calc losses.

    What about armor? Nano armor costs 4 times more diamonds and what it gives me? More EU? I had no problems with 100k per item. It was never discharged for me. Will it give more protection?

    First of all - sorry for my english.

    Previous topic was closed, and I had no time to write.
    If recipe will give 4 energium dusts per 4 diamond dusts - it's the best balance in my opinion.


    so that I don't have to mine, what is the core content of MINEcraft?

    Minecraft have two core contents. MINE and CRAFT. And when I need lot of diamonds and other stuff to make quantum armor - its ok because QA is usable item. Top level usable item. One of game targets if you want. Even night vision goggles in nanohelmet is ok, though crafting goggles is more complex than whole nanoarmor itself.
    MFSU, MFE, fiber wire - are just an instruments, tools, means, etc to make other stuff. I don't want to spend whole game to make only MFSU. 1 diamond per wire? Why?? It's just a wire!
    People playing not only IC2, there are other mods. IC2 for me is a way to process resources. Why I need this in the end of game?
    I like metal formers - it's more realistic, I like thermal centrifuge and uranium isotopes, RITEGs and other stuff. But what you do to crystals... bad way. Really.


    especially with a fortune pick

    Magic? In a tech game with only tech mods? No thanks...
    And I never got 40 diamonds per hour while mining. 0-12 are more realistic numbers.

    Summing up: too expensive. 4 energium dusts per 4 diamond dusts - it's the best balance in my opinion.

    found and mushed. Dare I ask why you were trying to power a wooden transport pipe?

    Not quite sure what you mean... What am I supposed to power? I need to pump out items from IC2 machines and other stuff.

    ps To reproduce the bug you can try a lever to activate the engine. Just switch it on/off quickly.

    pps There is another bug - it seems, that engines limit an IC2-energy packet size.

    To reproduce: put induction furnance and 10-12 small engines to 1 common wire (I took fiberglass). Engines must be not activated. Power source may be any (MFS-T2-T1 in my case). Then run a furnance and measure power on it. There are 12 engines on screenshots, and only 8 eu/t to furnance (must be 16), and only 8 taked from MFS, so the engines don't consume any eu.

    img 1, power to furnance

    img 2, state of the furnance, it shows the furnance don't have enough energy

    img3, power taked from MFS, measurement is performed on fiberglass under crosshair

    modloader.txt the same

    Sorry, forgot about it =)

    Have a bug.

    Electric engines run without need of IC-energy and acts like IC-source.

    Test scheme:

    :Rubber Log: :Advanced Machine: :Batbox:

    :Rubber Log: = BC wooden pipe
    :Advanced Machine: = small engine

    Charge BatBox with RE-bat, activate engine with redstone. BatBox will start to charge from output (!) side.

    SSP, MC 1.1, IC2 1.64, BC 2.2.12, RP 2.0 4d, Adv. machines 3.2b2, Crossover 1.18.

    UPDATE: problem appears at the moment when redstone signal is off - engine sends EU back to circuit, and it sends back more than it takes. Example (activated by RedPower timer with 1s interval):