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    Hm... i don't know about the coding of such a thing, but as for myself i aint really sure X(
    I'm quite against unrealistic implement (there's already enough of it ; P)
    More inventory is always usefull, but i would say a transport robot is the greatest idea and i would add it should consume lots of energy

    Oh well, no clue how it works then ..
    Still havent heard if us being able to place cable in us was intended, but if not correcting that might correct this too : D

    This idea would actually be a neat addition and could replace the cable-obfuscation part.
    How about some semi-solid cementoplastic clump, which can be formed around cables to create industrial-styled white blocks. One could as well place them as regular wall material and thus make cables "dissappear".

    Fine by me, but as far as i know, if you do reduce the infamous (XD) hit-box of those cables the RedPower "plate" should works properly.
    You might want install it, see how it work and go ask some question if you want/need to ^^ (always help when someone as already done something similar !)

    Sadlys, the "render armor bar" functions is entirely independant from the "calculate armor for damage" code.
    Jetpacks & Batpacks do not work as armor (though they get damaged if you get damaged, but they will not absorb any damage) and will immensely bug the armor bar. Ignore it if you're wearing any of them

    I'm sorry (maybe ?...) to tell you that batpack do influence damage taken...
    I haven't tried whit armor (without chest) and depleted batpack, but taking a minium falling damage (4 meters) whit full batpack and little damaged iron set do 0 hearth while ,if i remove the batpack, it does half of a hearth ... (tried a couple time in a row, so no, the armor didnt took enough damage to change any value)

    EDIT : Tried first scenario and gave me no fall damage, so i guessed that means that batpack has a fixed armor value ^^

    You can actually place cable where you stand, so you should be standing in it at that moment. If i remember correctly, i could still walk around the other connected cable from time to time (wasnt always working). I don't know if the placing cable where one stand is intended and i dont know either if you actually can enter a cable or if you need to place one "in" you first (edit: reread your post and seems like you go into the cable by jumping or something like that, might try to duplicate later on, if you are unable to duplicate please tell us tho ^^).

    Pretty much everything is in the title.

    Being able to make some cable not connect whit some machine would be a big plus. ie to make it possible for HV cable to "touch" machine without making them explode (not the reason why i want this implemented tho XD)

    As for multiple coloring, well maybe actually not a multiple coloring bur more a "blending" kind of way. ie red dont connect to yellow, but yellow does connect to orange and so does red.

    Those are just some more idea to make cable circuit more "compact" while working perfectly fine ^^

    Like the idea. While being completely useless, being able to burn seeds or other items in the kind is always a plus on realism.

    About macerator... well i don't see why ink would give more ... maybe if you were to "cook" the ink which would result in some kind of "hard" ink sack then put it in a macerator... (well you see what i mean, liquid even if passed in a macerator should, well stay as a liquid...). As for lapis... Hm... it is a rare item, but its true that it would be fun to be able to color more stuff in blue while not wasting too much lapis. The process of grinding lapis shouldnt be undoable tho...

    Let's see what the higher up end up saying XD


    I recently (installed today >_<) found a mod called RedPower, it was actually in KillerBeez teaser video if i am not mistaken. In that mod there's those partial bloc part, whit those you can hide wire or use them only for esthetic purpose. It seems ratter complicated how you can place it to any number of face of the same cube you want, so i wonder, would that be possible whit the cable too, or the fact that current pass in them make it so they need to be "full" bloc ?

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think there"s any way to hide a cable in the current version.

    EDIT : Having this made possible would really up the fun by a damn lot !!!! Cable blocking access to the GUI yet letting us see the bloc we want to click is.. ARGH ! (I do, and by a lot, prefer those tiny cable to the ubber big old one, just mentioning XD)

    Guess i wasnt alone XD

    And as you said Viktor_Berg, SpaceToad did it whit buildcraft. So it is possible, now the question is : is it worth the time.
    I don't know if it would be long/complicated, since not all cable got same size (i really have no clue)

    Thanks for supporting the idea in anycase : D

    Would not change much to the game (in term of gameplay), but i was still wondering if it would be possible to make it so that the hit-box for the cables is actually right ... and not 1 bloc.
    As i just said, it isnt much of an implement or anything of the sort, just a little plus i would say.

    Just has been bugging...

    (havent seen any kinda """complain"""" about it anywhere on the forum so far, so here i am : D)