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    I'm stuck for an ore again, only this time it's Quartzite. I've got most of my low-voltage machinery set up, with several battery buffers, but I'd like to monitor the amount of energy I've got in those batteries easily. To that end I installed Nuclear Control 2, which has a bunch of information panels. Unfortunately, the recipe for the Gregtech sensor kit involves quartzite, and I haven't seen any.

    This feels like it's going to be a recurring thing. At least with the tetrahedrite I could be reasonably sure it would be visible from the surface. For veins where the generation is lower, that's not an option.

    I've seen lots of coal, magnetite, bauxite, salt / lepidolite veins (handy for lithium), redstone / ruby veins, and a couple of monazite veins, but there are lots of things I've never seen.

    I've found it in Green Swampland and in Meadows, usually just below the surface in cave/caverns around 52ish in the open.

    Lignite is common, I won't dispute that - random weight 160, and vein density of 8, so it's an attractive option when not using a mod to automate tree farming. However, burning longer than charcoal? That is what I'm disputing. Charcoal in gem, crushed, impure dust, or plain dust form has burn time of 1600 and boiler energy of 160. Lignite has burn time of 1200 in 5.09 (experimental) and boiler energy of 120.

    You misunderstood my post. The point I was trying to make is that at his stage of development it's better to go Lignite since he's looking for other ores anyways. That way he doesn't have to stop his processing to go chop trees down constantly to make charcoal. When he gets further along an automated farm is much better with an automated burn/cycle to boiler setup.

    My son and I skipped the auto farm setup since I was out farming tons of lignite along with other ores anyways so we saved tons of time. If you're in a group of 3-5 then 1 person could be Paul Bunyon and do it the other way. :D

    No, in 5.08 lignite burns 3/16 as long as coal/charcoal (or the same as planks) in a furnace, and gives 1/4 as much energy in a GT boiler. It's been a bit since I've looked at lignite in 5.09, but the changelog says it the burn value was rised 3x, which would make it burn 9/16 as long as charcoal in a furnace, and possibly 3/4 as much energy in a GT boiler.

    Also, for finding tetrahedrite veins, you can also find them in the Nether (and it's fairly common for there to be Netherrack at layers 80-120 for it to generate in), and they're more common because there are fewer vein types that are valid for the Nether (although I discovered that Biomes O' Plenty (which adds more biomes to the Nether in 1.7.10 at least) somehow interferes with that and causes overworld vein types to generate in the Nether)

    The reason I suggested Lignite is that in .26 it does burn better and when you're out looking for other ores anyways you'll usually find huge deposits of it. So instead of constantly having to stop and chop wood down he can grab a ton of it while farming his other ores. This way he accomplishes so much more in a shorter amount of time.

    Man, that Antimony requirement for battery hulls is a killer. It's only available in Tetrahedrite veins, either as a byproduct of tetrahedrite itself or from Stibnite which also only occurs in those veins. Which only spawns above level 70, so pretty much Extreme Hills, I guess. I've gone wander a very long way, looking for exposed deposits on the surface, and have yet to see any.

    Actually Tetra is pretty easy to find outside Extreme Hills and can also be found in Green Hills if playing with Extra Biomes XL. Also for your power needs Lignite is nice since it spawns in huge vein quantities and burns longer than Charcoal I think. I'm not on my server atm so going off of memory here so try Green Hills since it often spawns in villages along with Bauxite.

    Quoted from "MauveCloud"

    I don't recall a purely-GregTech way to do that as a fixed display, but maybe with Nuclear Control.
    That's it exactly. I looked at the cover tutorial video again, and at 5:09 you can see the panel is a Advanced Information Panel from Nuclear Control 2. It seems like a really handy diagnostic, but I don't know anything about that mod, or what the panel costs.

    That's it exactly. I looked at the cover tutorial video again, and at 5:09 you can see the panel is a Advanced Information Panel from Nuclear Control 2. It seems like a really handy diagnostic, but I don't know anything about that mod, or what the panel costs.

    The mod is really neat and the panels great for pretty much everything especially things that tend to go boom. Here's a link from 1 of Greg's posts to the new thread.

    [IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Nuclear Control 2

    These centrifuge recipes could get removed without breaking anything and are just for lazy players.
    They are meant to be inefficent. The correct way to get Plutonium is in the IC2 nuclear reactor.

    To make the whole nuclear reactor system more technical correct would need a bigger rewrite where i'm the one too lazy doing that for now. Still, i'm always open for help, the code is on github.

    I think they're also helpful for newer to Gregtech players who might not be ready for how things work. I like to think of it like weaning a baby from a bottle so to speak. It avoids the pure shock that happens when people realize how hard it is and just give up. You basically hold their hand again so to speak as they grow into adulthood that is Gregtech.

    By the time you're an old fossil like me you're a glutton for punishment and look for ways to make it even harder.

    Thank you! I was about to it with the Chickenchunk! I'm relocating the base and hole IV setup could go for poof MinecraftChicken!

    Avoid Chickenchunk anchors like the plague if they're still bugged which looks like it. I'd go with admin Anchor, Raiflcraft or better yet Dimensional Anchors which works nicely. The last is by Immibis and you need the core mod as well and it isn't on Curse either.

    Ah thanks BloodAsp for the reply, I've got plenty of memory so it's probably latest Java 102 so I'll swap down to 101 instead. Oh and saw this last night in my world and had a good laugh, it's a tree with 16 Steam Generators going from the bottom of tree where the wood is up to the top. 184 Reactor covers and 1 access hatch at the top.

    BloodAsp I had to make a new account to post this and don't know how to use GitHub yet to send you this. I've been getting a weird crash on .25 that hasn't popped up on the other versions before. This in on mod load on worlds that have been working fine for days and directly lists GT5 at the top. As well as further down in the log. I posted the full log to pastebin.

    FTB Infinity Evolved Single player locally hosted 2 players, I've disabled quite a few mods and added a few and it's been running great for several days other than the occasional stupid crash. Let me know if you need more info.

    # J 11498 C2 gregtech.api.util.GT_OreDictUnificator.setStackArray(Z[Lnet/minecraft/item/ItemStack;)[Lnet/minecraft/item/ItemStack; (36 bytes) @ 0x0000000004c4f9ba [0x0000000004c4f940+0x7a]

    Compilation events (10 events):
    Event: 59.541 Thread 0x0000000028c1c800 13593 3 crazypants.enderio.gui.TooltipHandlerBurnTime::shouldHandleItem (23 bytes)
    Event: 59.542 Thread 0x0000000028c1c800 nmethod 13593 0x000000000423f1d0 code [0x000000000423f380, 0x000000000423f828]
    Event: 59.542 Thread 0x0000000028c1c800 13594 3 gregtech.common.GT_Proxy::getBurnTime (1137 bytes)
    Event: 59.545 Thread 0x0000000028c1c800 nmethod 13594 0x000000000511f3d0 code [0x000000000511fe80, 0x0000000005124d88]
    Event: 59.545 Thread 0x0000000028c1c800 13595 3 ic2.core.IC2::getBurnTime (103 bytes)
    Event: 59.546 Thread 0x0000000028c1c800 nmethod 13595 0x0000000005127550 code [0x00000000051277c0, 0x0000000005128c78]
    Event: 59.549 Thread 0x0000000028c14000 nmethod 13586 0x000000000512dc90 code [0x000000000512dec0, 0x000000000512fc58]
    Event: 59.557 Thread 0x0000000028c12000 nmethod 13509 0x0000000005136410 code [0x00000000051367c0, 0x0000000005139ac8]
    Event: 59.570 Thread 0x0000000028c1c800 13597 3 java.util.HashMap$TreeNode::treeify (221 bytes)
    Event: 59.571 Thread 0x0000000028c1c800 nmethod 13597 0x000000000512ca50 code [0x000000000512cc60, 0x000000000512d808]