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    4. If being unable to burn logs into charcoal in a furnace still bothers you after reading the alternatives above, you can find "disabledrecipes" in GregTech/Recipes.cfg and change "B:wood2charcoalsmelting_true=true" to "B:wood2charcoalsmelting_true=false"

    That's what I did, but I wanted to know if there was another, intended solution. When trying out a new mod I like to see how the designer imagined it working before altering it.

    I know how Coke Ovens work. It's true that you don't need anything other than a furnace, wood, and clay to make a Railcraft coke oven, but shouldn't there be a solution to torches that doesn't depend on another mod? Or is Railcraft and intended requirement, like Industrial Craft 2?

    I've read about the Gregtech vein generation, but haven't had extensive experience with it yet. Are you saying you can expect to see coal veins exposed and visible pretty much all the time, provided you check out biomes like Extreme Hills?

    I have a question. I'm just now trying out Gregtech 5U, and the first thing I ran into was the fact the mod disables the charcoal burning recipe for the furnace, in favor of a more realistic pit approach. Which would be OK if the pit approach didn't require bronze, brick, and iron.

    Charcoal's a very early game material, required for torches. You can't really dig or go caving without torches. How are you supposed to make torches without charcoal? Coal is an alternative, but coal isn't something you find on the surface unless you're lucky.

    Is there a low-tech alternative I'm missing? Shouldn't the charcoal pit be something you can make with just logs and dirt? If you're arguing that it's "realistic," that's all medieval charcoal burners used. It was a profession for the extremely poor, requiring virtually no equipment.