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    Would it be easy (or even possible) to convert EU from some sort of machine into a portal to the nether or the end even? This would provide a way to get to the end for those who have worlds that came before 1.8(?). I thought of the nether as an extension to this idea.

    So here's how I would have it work. The block is supplied with energy, about 100,000 EU, and it transforms into a nether portal. Not a big 14 block nether portal, an actual nether portal block. Providing it with 2,000,000 EU would turn it into an end portal. These numbers are, of course subject to change. If this seems too hard to do, can we get a plant that has the same effect only without energy and just time? I need more uses for my 20 nuclear reactors >:)

    Forgive me if I'm wrong, but I am pretty certain that forge is passed 1.3.1. I'm using and I don't even know if it's the newest version. Go to the forge topic on the minecraft forum and try getting the latest version (or because I am 100% sure that it works. Can you get us the error report?).

    I'm not entirely sure what to do, but ive determined that the conflict is due to the Charcoal dust mod. can anyone help me out on what to do to fix this?

    Well, you could start by removing the charcoal mod to make sure it's the only problem (it will be, more than likely so you can probably skip that step :) ). After that we have just to determine whether the two mods work together or if it's just a download error/item id confliction (not likely). What I'm wondering is why a mod that is built for IC2 is not working for IC2? Ask the creator of the mod if you think it's the charcoal dust that is causing problems.

    Thank you for the names of the other crafting guides. The problem was 2 fold, the recipe that I had for a HV-Transformer has changed since IC(I know great idea for testing purposes eh?) and the recipe book mod is not as high and mighty as I thought. The bigger they are, I guess. Anyway, the problem is fixed and I can resume nuking myself with 20 reactors under my house. What could possibly go wrong?

    Why don't you just download the newest versions of both? It worked fine for me and I am only having problems due to mod conflictions(which is by no way IC2's fault, I would rather them make a quality mod that is incompatable with everything then a crappy mod that is compatible with everything). Unless you are using another minecraft or something...

    Do not use Recipe Book. Use CraftGuide or NEI.

    Thats not that helpful. I was looking more for compatibility issues not your mod sucks i am a trolololol. If you think that will fix the problem then I will switch it but don't just brush the topic aside please. I was being serious. Also all EE2 blocks work, just not these. Not sure if that helps but I just checked so I thought I'd update. I just did a test on another world (i'm not giving up the one I want to save) and NO seems to be the problem. BUT WHY? I've tried everything else and they all work fine with the mod (i didn't try Recipe book without NO, should try that now).

    First I would like to ask wheter or not this mod has any known incompatibilities with Nature Overhaul or Tale of Kingdoms. If not, then the problem is that whenever I go to craft something nothing appears. I look in the Recipe Book and it says nothing in it. There are only around 50 pages of nothing. The odd thing is that all of the items still show. Only the blocks have completely disappeared. Other then IC2 I am running: Modloader, Audiomod, Modloader MP, MC Forge (obviously), Recipe Book, Mob Spawner GUI, Equivilant Exchange 2, Tale of Kingdoms, Nature Overhaul. All of these mods are Modloader mods and the only ones that are unknown to me with forge compatibility are NO and TOK. Any help would be appreciated.

    Blocks that are uncraftable: :Electric Furnace: :Extractor: :Induction Furnace: :Generator: :Solar Panel: :Geothermal Generator: :Water Mill: :Wind Mill: :HV-Transformer: :Compressor: :MFS-Unit: :MFE-Transmitter: :Miner: :Canning Machine: :Batbox: :Advanced Furnace: :Advanced Machine: :LV-Transformer: :Macerator: :Personal Safe: :Nuke TNT: :Mining Pipe :Teleporter: :Terraformer: :Tesla Coil: :Trade-O-Mat: :Reactor: :Recycler: :Matter: (all recipes for some reason with UU matter)