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    Plaster or Render, something along those lines - that is, in case one of these terms is applicable.

    So to first make sure what I am talking about, I mean basically the material houses nowadays are built with on the outside. The basic idea would revolve around a non-burnable material, possibly in different colours, to avoid building houses with wool just because there's no other way to give it any colour - very specific and probably not quite high on the priority list, but yeah, that's basically my suggestion.

    Good question. Maybe some combination of sand or sandstone, water, maybe even a totally new material like lime or chalk (though that might be a bit too much effort - on the other hand that material could also be used otherwise then)

    so probably something like this:

    s=sand w=water bucket
    w = 4x plaster

    Hello fellow crafters,

    I wanted to ask whether there is any way to automatize some production steps, for example when producing fuel, that I don't necessarily have to supervise the process just to put the coal clumps into the next machine manually. I know there is a mod called Buildcraft, but I'm hoping to find a way just in Industrialcraft.

    Hope you can help me put, thanks in advance


    Well turns out, we got it running.

    My friend suddenly told me "I got a treetap in my hand", and lo, it was good. It worked just fine, no significant problems detected.
    He claims to have used SDK's ModLoaderMP though, which I find a bit jarring.
    I'll try to figure out what exactly went wrong earlier, and post it here, because it might come useful for other newcomers.

    Thanks a lot,


    Okay, I tested it with Flan's ModLoader 1.6.5, but it still had the same problem.
    I also tried it with administrator rights on windows 7, but that didn't do anything. There is no error message or anything, if I select the treetap it simply jumps back to the output slot.

    Do I have to rename the config file or anything like that?

    Hello fellow crafters,

    I have tried to set up a server with a friend of mine, we loaded the minecraft_server.jar, installed modloaderMP_server, copied over the content of the server folder from IC 7.16 deleted the meta-inf folder, and also copied the IndustrialCraftConfig.txt (albeit without alterations) into the parent directory of minecraft_server.jar.
    We got it running smoothly, until we tested the functionality by crafting a treetap, where we couldn't take the treetap out of the crafting window.

    Afterwards we also tried setting up the server without deleting meta-inf, since it wasn't mentioned anywhere it was necessary, but it still didn't work

    Now this has been in the FAQ, and basically meant we screwed up setting up the server. The Problem is, that neither of us knows where there are any problems, since we followed the procedure precisely. I think it might be some detail we missed, so hopefully you can help us out.

    Thanks in advance,