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    title says all, just that it would send a pulse whenever there is a successful trade, used for opening doors with a "key", useful for admin houses, without worldguard, currently, my house is made of safes, trying to add a tradomat keyhole for a piece of bedrock, no redstone signal, no chuck norris door MinecraftSkeleton I give you :Industrial Diamond: and MinecraftNotch if you implement this, oh, can you re-add :Superfuel: to fuel a gen in endgame, prefer when there is some consiquence, yet another idea, power surges, EV is emited into cable when lightning strikes it, use same detector code as presureplate, just for entitylightning;
    :Fuel: :Fuel: :Fuel:
    :Fuel: :Bio Fuel: :Fuel: :Superfuel:
    :Fuel: :Fuel: :Fuel:

    :Trade-O-Mat: :Copper Dust: where :Copper Dust: = redstone dust, crafted into keyhole, used as tradomat, just no output and no "requested" item sprite, that would just give away your key

    EDIT, whats wrong with the superfuel sprite? :Superfuel: