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    You know how it is, there's a lovely set of resources, buildcraft oil, water for mills or maybe an underwater cavern. Perhaps you want to build an offshore city but...
    Diving to the bottom of the ocean and building up with sand is risky, there's always the temptation for one more block before you surface and then that annoying glitch where you cant seem to swim upwards and powie...your life is spread over the bottom of the ocean.
    Well, if this suggestion is accepted, these worries could be over. I give you the PONTOON, simply combine a boat with scaffolding and deploy with a simple right click.

    Zzap... a small piece of solid land for you to build off.

    Actually, for personal aesthetic reasons I'd prefer 3 boats and 3 scaffolds to produce a 3 long structure, but as I've no idea how hard it is to code multiple block structures I've decided to keep it simple.

    A nice long term use would be to form barges to transport liquids or solids long distances, again thats not quick to code and would probably overlap with other mods such as Zeppelin.

    OK I'm going to go out on a limb here. Teleportation, quantum or super long transport pipes all far to difficult. Simply capture a creeper, operate to remove the TNT and insert a chest. It'll follow you around where ever you go! MinecraftCreeper

    Seriously though, this being industrial, a machine with inventory space and a power input that follows the owner may not be impossible. Possibly with a homing mode that could be selected by the player to go back to spawn. Downsides would be the block update distance (300 blocks if IRC) would mean that they'd hang up at that limit like minecarts stop and they might just bounce, bounce, bounce their way into a lava pit or not be able to get up a slope etc, but that would be part of fun.

    The whole watermill block seems a little, er, odd to me. Power from static water?

    How about the standard single block (I've seen elsewhere that people want big animations but not me :D ) It must have flowing water directly above it and an empty square beneath it for the water to flow out of, ie it must have a flow of water through it. In other respects it would be a standard generator.

    This would make for a good addition in mountainous terrain where a small stream could feed a single mill or they could be grouped into large machine halls as if they were turbines in a hydroelectric plant.

    If you then wanted to go full on, maybe 4 mills in a cross with 5 iron/ refined iron, whatever for balance, makes a proper turbine. massive plume of discharge water is, of course, optional.