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    The thing I don't like is putting in Redstone or Lapis to cool a cell. It doesn't make any sense to me. It would make more sense to send them into a cell chiller, which consumes a bucket of water for every 5k heat or so.

    I have suggested something similar some posts above.

    It is 5 milibuckets of steam for 1 MJ (2 mB for 1 EU) . I'm sure about this as i've tested it.

    Doesn't a 36HP steam boiler output 720 buckets of steam per tick? I know I'm not getting It certainly can't be 720 millibuckets, because then a single waterproof pipe would be ample to carry all of the steam. I know I'm not getting 144,000 MJ/t out of my boilers too. 5 mB of steam is nothing.

    I wish steam worked on the mB scale like that, it would be practical to store it in iron tanks and the piping would be a lot less complicated.

    Wow, huge and expensive and useless. You're really in tune with the spirit of Gregtech. 1 whole bucket of steam every 10 seconds? Only 9 machine casings to make? Presumably this is another one of those Gregtech machines that exist only so you can laugh at people who make them. You would need 2,000 of these to run a single Hobby Steam Engine.

    If you're running a massive quarry operation then it won't be hard to get enough stuff to toss in a recycler to run a matter fab. And if you're thinking about even considering a Fusion plant then you need the massive quarry operation. Toss in xycraft crystals, forcicium, most of your lead, or whatever else you're not using. You can also get a reasonable supply of gravel from a Thermal Expansion Igneous Extruder on top of a Pulverizer. Just void the sand and collect the gravel byproduct and you will have more than enough for the matter fab.

    Thermal Expansion is a mod big on removing BS from the game, and is often at odds with Gregtech as a result.

    Yes we do, we have a few different designs, but most are experimental and although the GT one is fairly realistic, due to the Coils in the fusion coil recipie im guessing its caused by pure Heat, which is insanely unefficient.

    In my book, a power plant needs to be electricity positive at the end of the day. We don't have anything that is even close to that.

    When they fail to hold the plasma (when someone break a block of it and it was running). Plasma should leak and destroy stuff.

    By the way, HV transformers should be changed to not accept voltages higher than 8192 or supercondensators are entirely useless.

    If you're going to do that, fix Supercondensators first so they work according to the wiki (and like every other Transformer in IC2).

    Hence why nothing is exploding.
    With the old reactor, Both energy making reactions make 32,768eu/t, which, guess what, 16 HV Transformers can downtransform.

    Right, the information on the Wiki was totally wrong, which is why I was confused. Also, I never got my answer to the question: How much power can a supercondensator convert each tick? This is kind of a pointless question now, but I'm still a bit curious about it. I guess I'll have to test it myself to find out.

    Edit: the answer is 8192EU/t, which makes the not only worthless, but counterproductive! Awesome.

    EU-Packets CAN split! They always do that when the Machine cant accept all the incoming EU at once. However if a Machine does that, then its very likely to also cause the well know log-Spam of doesnt implement demandsEnergy properly. GregTech Machines can accept overflow, even though they wont display the overflow itself, while IC²-Machines always cut the EU-Packets in slices.

    Right, machines can split packets, but cables do not.

    Sure, but the Fusion Reactor outputs 1M EU packets, not 1M little 1EU packets. The FTB wiki said that the max a transformer could handle was 8192 packets, which should have caused it to explode when it saw a 1M EU packet. Turns out the FTB wiki is just wrong on that and they can handle any voltage, which makes supercondensators a waste of time.

    Sigh, it does work. So either the FTB wiki is wrong (entirely possible) and HV Transformers can handle 1M EU packets or superconducting cable acts differently than regular IC2 cable.

    Hmm, it appears that the IC2 wiki has better information on HV Transformers. I guess supercondensators are indeed completely worthless.

    HV Transformers can takes 8192EU/p no problem, but the Fusion Reactor ouputs 1,000,000EU packets (hilariously, only once every 1.5 seconds, a relative eternity in the IC2 world) that will cause the HV transformers to go up in a large explosion. The Supercondensors are necessary to transform that packet down to 8192, which makes their weird backwards behavior all the more troubling. I'd also like to know if 1 is enough (it would be if it acted like a normal IC2 transformer block) or if I need 4 to handle the 32768 EU/t the Fusion plant is outputting.

    It seems pretty necessary if you're going to run a Fusion Reactor. It's obviously useless for long distance energy transmission because the Superconductor wires are so outrageously expensive, but it does at least have a use, unlike the Scrapboxinator or the Refinery.

    So it's backwards from regular Transformers? Nice. That's also not what the Gregtech Wiki says?

    One more thing that's not clear to me. Supercondensators output 8192 EU packets. Are they limited to a single packet per tick? Normal transformers are not, but the FTB Wiki seems to think that they are.

    So we finally got the Fusion plant up and running totally legit, but we've run into a problem. The superconductor wire seems to transfer energy just fine (you can blow up EV cables by attaching them to it), but the Supercondensators doesn't seem to be doing anything. We have it attached to the Superconductor wire, careful to make sure it is facing the right way, but no power is emitted. The HV transformers get no power, and even a directly attached Matter Fab loaded with Scrap remains idle. We've tried sending redstone signal to it and not (it should not be redstoned according to the wiki, but we were spitballing) and no matter what we do the thing doesn't seem to want to emit power. We even tried attaching the supercondensator directly to the output facing of the reactor--tricky to get it facing the right way, but a block of dirt made it possible. No joy.

    Is there some trick to making Supercondensators work?

    We are on Mindcrack v8.2.0 except that we've removed the Advanced Solars mod. The Gregtech version is 2.81a.