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    I am fairly certain that you can use the Better Than Wolves mod (If you get it working with Industrialcraft) to get a sort of ice producing machine. I've seen the little "suck in the block in front of me" device be used to make infinite cobble (Which will be scrap for the matter generator you'll be directing all this power to). I think changing it up so that two waterblocks (lit up carefully) and separated by an empty block in a snow biome can produce ice, because they generate a water block that will turn to ice, and maybe, if this thing DOES collect ice, it will suck it up and be useable.

    Also in 1.8 and after you have to have ice next to water to make more ice, so remember that.

    That should work, there's a problem where you have to connect to the reactor core itself with pipes to insert ice, but that I'd hope would be fixed soon.

    It should work, but I don't think Alblaka expected a reactor to output that much and need that to happen. Too tired to think about it.

    Well a reactor with two columns of stacked ice and everything else uranium cells works, might be a way to cheese buildcraft into getting an ice maker... that would be very nice.

    Because everything I connect to the reactor blows up due to power overload, up to and including a mass fabricator, I don't really have a measurement on the reactor's power yet.

    Okay it blows high energy stuff up after 26 cells and/or 505 current; totally safe as far as the reactor goes as long as ice is in the reactor, and if automated ice/snow farming works it's a golden reactor design to build, through it might need to be scaled down in terms of uranium so that it can easily power an MFSU.

    After experimenting with the quantum armor's speed ability and ice (VERY, VERY FUN), and seeing new types of cooling devices for the nuclear reactor, I realized that making ice would be a great and thermatically accurate thing to do in the industrial age.
    It would semi-easily allow for very fast travel, while still requiring skilled work to make and a very expensive suit to make use of, and ice makes a great speeding launch pad!

    Bucket of Water (or water source block from Matter)=W
    Coolant Cell (Used Up in Creation)=C


    Or just use the compressor to compress a water source block from Matter into ice
    (hey you can make coolant cells with an extractor!)

    And of course, when someone tries to place it in the nether it explodes like a bed does (unless you fortify it or something like that MinecraftPig).

    I'd love it if the activation for special features on the jetpack, quantum suit, and stuff like that could be changed from inside the menu to different keys; it would really help people who have always had ctrl as crouch and want to run in their shiny new industrial armor and not muscle memory into lava.