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    (This idea probably already came up, but i didn't see it)
    mods used: IC², Redpower2(+ some planned features)
    given parameters:
    1 UUM = 166.000 EU +34 scrap
    1 urancell = 6.000.000 eu

    6uum(<= don't know exact number)+ 2 tin(+time)+ 8coal=>8 uran cells
    This is obviously (semi-)self-sustaining.
    Coal and tin should be added from outside(mine, scrapbox factory), because it is far too expensive to produce them through uum.
    The recyclers:
    could be powered by photovoltaics or watermills and get their scrap out of cobble generators.
    I thought of a system to replace all bukets in 2 ticks(with the retriever+ thats 90 buckets/second :3).
    It would get stopped every half cycle to replace the breeded cells with fresh cells.
    Every full cycle the reactor is stopped, but now you've got to reset it manually (because the engeneering for this would be pretty complicated) and turn it on again.
    The crafting:
    would be done manually, as you would only really need auto crafting if you would automate the reset after each full cycle( i'll look into that as soon as RP2 releases crafting machine, because i need RP2 overflow handling to get the overflow uum with out giant systems out of the cycle.).
    The overflow:
    The overflow of uum could be crafted into needed recources or again be turned into uran and then energy.

    A complete machine like this could break a server's economy, so i wouldn't recommend building it.

    You can walk into cables like this:
    C=cable []=air
    1.Jump on c1
    2.goto c2
    (3.try another angle if not working)
    Works with some machines too

    Electrolyzed water cells as fuel for jetpack

    Real rockets and jetpacks often burn H2+O2 because this reaction is xtremly exotherm.
    So why dont we use this too?
    You would need 4-8 cells to refuel one jetpack completly.
    (this idea could be obsolete because of the elektric jetpacks)
    Rocket jetpack
    Has double the thrust and durability of the normal jetpack.
    In exchange it needs to be refueld with 32-16 electrolysed water cells.
    cell=c, advanced circuit= AC, advanced alloy=a, Jetpack=j

    Graphite plates as neutron moderator:

    The efficiency of nuclear reaktor can't be enginerd to 5 at the moment.
    This will change with this new use of our good old carbon plates.
    Graphite can slow down neutrons. Nuklear fission is more effictive with more neutrons (other uran cells) or slower neutrons (slowed down by carbon plates)
    As normal carbon plates are a bit too thin you have to craft layered carbon plates and compress them to graphite plates.
    Layered Carbonplates:
    C=carbon plate
    [ ][ ][ ]
    [ ][ ][ ]
    A uran cell pulses once for each Graphite plate its touching.
    Graphite is able to save up to 1000 heat before melting, but it produces heat like a uran cell and distributes it like uran cell would +all heat it got from the uran evenly split. To avoid abuse: A graphite plate can only be heated up by uran so it doesn't make reaktor platings obsolete.