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    Same here... I'm about to go back to 1.95 because this will be a big issue for my server...

    but it's not just from super jump. it's basically causing damage shake using same parameters as if you weren't using a q-suit at all. Luckily at least the q-suit is absorbing the damage (or preventing it) but the shake is annoying...

    Mod may want to lock this thread and refer everyone to this thread , as it's older and talks about the same thing.

    He probably means he used the wool as a burn away breaker. running a redpower wire across it, when the wool burns away, teh wire breaks, stopping the signal which triggeres another wire to send a signal to the reactor. Basically a heat failsafe that has to be manually reset by the user.

    running IC2 v1.0 all machines work correctly, but i cannot get sounds to work.
    I've placed the contents of the soundpack zip in .minecraft/resources/mod/sounds, correctly installed audiomod (other custom sounds work fine), and have no blackscreens on loading.

    none of the sound files are corrupted (all play in winamp)

    but no custom sounds in game from IC2 machines.

    Have you installed Risugumi's Audio Mod yet? (link to Risugumi's Mods )

    The painters use 2 iron and 3 wool each. Since pain rollers in real life can usually be cleaned and reused for different projects a few times (or at a minimum replace only the roller)... I'd like to suggest that:

    Paint Rollers wear out as usual, but instead of losing them when they run out, only loose the roller. Then you can just put the handle with 3 more wool to recharge it, and of course dye it...

    Handle can just be a "iron stick"

    Only suggesting this because 2 full pieces of iron to make a handle for the painter for it's limited # of uses seems a bit much to me. Specially when it's the roller and pain (dye) that runs out, not the handle wearing out.

    Although this would be great, the cable painter only paints placed cables. Whenever you break them again, they default to their basic, uncoloured variety, so cannot associate a machine with a colour this way.

    May be expensive, but put the dye color in the machine, all you are really doing is telling it what color to associate with.

    P.S. And yeah, I figured out that about the cables not to long ago, my first time using the painters

    Yeah I can confirm this, tried playing forest fire last night and noticed that one tree in all the fire just didn't give a damn and then noticed it's just rubber trees that do that. They are fireproof at the moment.

    So you found a way to fine your rubber trees easy.. they can be hard to find usually.

    P.S. I confirmed this too... even though mine was on accident...

    The rules for pump placement also give you the option of sacrificing 1 reactor chamber for an additional 4 pump slots - pumps can't be placed next to more than one reactor/reactor chamber, but there's no rule saying they can't be placed next to each other ;)

    I forgot to address this - The pump isn't particularly useful for power-producing reactors except in specific circumstances, but it's more meant to assist with controlling overheats and breeder reactor temperatures, plus whatever the players can dream up.

    Great for Breeder Reactors, I like this idea. It wouldn't be meant for energy generation.

    Personally, I'd prefer it if the machines maintained their original texture and wern't coloured too visably. Maybe just a mark on the back face or in the gui.

    How about have a spot in the GUI where you put the cable type/color you want it to connect to (it ignores all others)

    This way you can change the color on the fly, no need to make extra sprites or block textures to represent the machine color, and you can easily see (by opening the machine) which cable you need to use.

    Sure, it may cost you an extra cable piece, but for the adaptability, it's a price I'd be willing to pay myself.

    Have the reactor controller have a GUI to allow you to do one (or more) of the following

    • Check box - Switch from omni-directional redstone current signal to FACE Specific redstone current signal.

      • This would allow you to use the Controller as a trigger for an external, user created circuit
    • Optionally - A Plus pattern (with a long side *extra box*) of check boxes. You then choose which faces emit a redstone signal. (6 check boxes total for the 6 sides)

      • Same as above, except you can also place this controller between 2 or more reactors (one face touching each reactor) for multiple reactor control (and yes, if ANY reactor hit the temp setting it'd trigger the controller. "all for one, one for all" kind of thing.)

    Basically you are converting the Reactor Controller from a simple on/off switch to a "controller" by converting it into a sensor, which then can be used in more advanced setups to give more precise control.

    You could then connect 2 (or more) controllers up to a reactor, 1 could be set for MAX temp the other for MIN, then with a user designed circuit you could control the reactor so that it would stay between the temps set.

    I did some tests of my own: Mark V Reactor Testing
    ***NOTE: All testing done in .90 not sure if stats will be the same in 1.00***

    if you want to make a complete containment system for the WORST possible scenario... your best bet is:

    7 layers of water, 1 layer of reinforced material <-- this SHOULD prevent ANY damage, other than the loss of the reactor and chambers (and about 5 layers of water that get evaporated)

    You can do as little as 5 layers of water if you put in 2 layers of reinforced material. (one of the layers of reinforced material will take damage.)

    If you run your power cable from the reactor in a straight line, the blast will follow it like a hot knife through warm butter, so you want to put in at least 1, preferably 2 direction changes in your cable.

    P.S. These images were tested in .90 so I'm not sure if they are completely accurate anymore. And if you read the comments, they were made before I found out obsidian was nerfed to 60 blast resistence. I haven't taken screenshots of new tests with reinforced materials.

    That's not a bad idea, just a couple "here's one that keeps itself cool with coolant cells, here's a sample of using a disperser" sorts of basic tutorial reactors. The same designs could be handy to have on the wiki, too.

    Instead of just premade designs. why not a way to save/load designs.. so a repository of designs cand be kept.. and people can submit or download designs.

    This way it's user choice, and for those willing to do so they can create tutorial designs for people to download.

    Well a reactor with two columns of stacked ice and everything else uranium cells works, might be a way to cheese buildcraft into getting an ice maker... that would be very nice.

    Because everything I connect to the reactor blows up due to power overload, up to and including a mass fabricator, I don't really have a measurement on the reactor's power yet.

    Okay it blows high energy stuff up after 26 cells and/or 505 current; totally safe as far as the reactor goes as long as ice is in the reactor, and if automated ice/snow farming works it's a golden reactor design to build, through it might need to be scaled down in terms of uranium so that it can easily power an MFSU.

    Why not put an HV transformer between the reactor and your MFSU?

    It sounds like your reactor is producing EV voltage.. so connecting it to a HV transformer, then from there to your equipment should fix it. (unless I'm just being dense about how some things work, if that's the case, please ignore me while I go back to IndustrialCraft² school.)

    what's a cycle? cause as I said.. I ran that setup for 4 MC days before I even started to see the green bars noticeably drop (IE started to see them shorten)

    I'll assume the slow drop in the green bars is part of one of the coolant bugs, from how you described the calculation.

    EDIT: oh.. and thanks for the explanation, it makes a lot more sense now than it used to... seeing your #'s I was able to reverse engineer how you came up with them... and have a much better idea of this.

    Long Story Short, having issues calculating this out.

    Only thing I'm absolutely sure of is the output 200eu... (used the EU Reader).

    Here is the setup (the reactor is surrounded by water at least 2 blocks away from any part, except for top (RedPower Wire connection for cutoff) and 3 sides for power cable connections (changing design, as I discovered the reactor will only feed ONE power connection and ignore the others as long as the one is still drawing power)).

    Setup: (I was able to run this for about 4 MC days before I started noticing the bars in the coolant cells and HD's dropping)

    ***Sorry I couldn't get a screenshot of it after running for the 4 MC days, but windows crashed and when I reloaded everything within about 6 blocks of the reactor core was deleted/gone/poofed***

    Basically I'd like an explanation of:
    A) What class would this be?
    B) How did you come to determine this.

    I started getting confused by some of the pages explaining how this rects to that and how this isn't working right, new #'s are such.. etc etc...