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    Hey guys,
    i'm currently working on a modern looking texture/ressouce pack.

    Version 0.3 preview (will be out on 1.5.2014)

    Tell me if you like it!
    I know, these ore textures are hard to differentiate, but thats intended!
    i did use real ore pictures.

    i'll keep this thread up-to-date.


    [128x] 0.1 made for mc 1.7.2 and ic2-experimental (may work with previous versions)
    [128x] 0.2 made for mc 1.7.2 and ic2-experimental (may work with previous versions)

    just drop into './minecraft/ressourcepacks'
    go into options->ressourcepacks and choose 'mindcraft'

    Version history

    v0.1 initial release
    Blocks: coal_ore, cobblestone, stone, crafting_table, diamond_ore, dirt, double_plant, tallgrass, grass, grass_snowed, grass_top, iron_ore, ladder, lava, planks (all kinds),
    redstone_ore, snow, water, copper_ore, lead_ore, tin_ore, uran_ore, reinforced_door
    Items: coal, redstone_dust

    Blocks: tracks, wooden_door, metal_door,
    Blocks: reinforce_door, ladder(made more slim),

    v0.3 (next)
    Blocks: rain(dense), snow(dense), electric_furnace, any wishes?
    Blocks: flip doors, grass

    1. energyPerTick = 20;
    2. duration = 50;

    400 eu per second + each 50th (2.5 second) tick 80 drill harvest cost + cost for scanner + cost for machine itself.

    it expected to eat 800 eu per second and always consumed soo much

    i did the same setup that i'm doing since ic2 v1.71 and never had this problem, anyways this makes no sense
    for just a bit more speed 53times more eu consumption??

    just wrote a small and simple world backup scheduler/timer.
    Anyone interested?

    its tested and works, anyway report any bugs if you find some
    i did no work on the design, but you'll see when you try it.

    how to use:

    • check dependities (.net framework)
    • get ServerBackup -> http://dl.dropboxusercontent.c…erBackup/ServerBackup.exe
    • put in the directory, where your folders to save are (same as minecraft_server.jar)
    • run
    • type in "1" the foldernames
    • apply with plus button
    • change 'every S.:' in seconds, backup interval "2"
    • start scheduler with start Timer
    • you can test foldernames by hitting manual Backup

    subfolder DO work, BUT mind:
    is saved to:

    virustotal scan:…d4cd/analysis/1383497848/
    dont know, why "SUPERAntiSpyware" say it contains a trojan...
    if you want, i share the sourcecode, its pretty simple and anyone could understand it.

    have in mind, i did not wrote this program explicit for others! i wrote it because i need it, but i think other could use it too.
    Wrote it in about 45 minutes, short time for a simple program like this.
    i hope, i posted in the correct subforum... :thumbup:

    sup ic2 friend,
    i have a strange problem,

    on my server, the miner drains up to 116eu/t, i empties an mfsu with more 1000eu per second!
    is there a config to set the drain? i did not find any?

    also tried it in singleplay w/ creative, same problem.
    my whole energy network broke down due this high usage... ;(
    another (maybe) bug i found, if i connect prox 40-60eu/t supply, it just drains the current without doing something,
    the diamond drill gets empty WHILE consuming 60eu/t!

    i'm using minecraft 1.5.2
    ic2 1.117.921
    and some addons

    thanks for your help

    Sup IC friends!

    ATM I'm writing a program (windows x64/86) that helps managing all the receipts for IC2 and addons.

    I just want to ask, is it allowed to publish this application?
    It uses all IC2 item/block icons, names and descriptions.

    to load them in the library you just have to place a zip in a folder.

    this zip contains:
    an index file in that are all receipts are listed and item/block names (and maybe a description)
    and a folder with all icons.

    If its allowed, i'll finish this application in a few days.


    thanks, but i know how to write mods.

    but i dont understand how to use the api!

    do i need to decompile ic2? how do i test my mods?
    if i include ic2 with "package net.minecraft.src.ic2.api;" and "import net.minecraft.src.ItemStack;" eclipse says a lot of errors on recompiling.
    i decompiled mc with modloader, but not modloaderMP and/or mcforge, 'cause of errors on decompiling.

    sorry for my bad english...