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    I wonder what is the worst that could theoretically happen when GT does rebalance a few RP2 recipes. Can anyone give me hints?

    Eloraam rewites Redpower to crash if Gregtech installed. Greg is kicked out of IC2 forum. The IC2 team decides that gregtech machines dont recieve power from the grid. Greg rewrites the energy net. IC2 team rewrites IC2 to crash when gregtech installed. Everyone stops using Gregtech. Exept the technic pack. Greg writes skynet, which kills us all. With chainsaw. Playing Justin Bieber music.
    I cannot came up with worse scenario.

    That makes no fucking sense though? We are talking about GregTech and how his recipes might cause effect on other mods... Why not protest FC's BTW mod and say hey bitch your mod seems to break every single mod... This whole argument is pretty much just that.... GregTech has certain compatibility issues with other mods. If you are effected by it and don't like it please remove the mod...

    This is not a pissing match this is HEY BEEP, Just because your special and make a great mod does not mean you need to QQ and copyright and cry everytime someone has some kind of impact effect on your mod. She really really needs to grow up.

    You sir are not only unable to represent your opinion in a decent way (eg: not saying fuck in every single one of your comment), but are rude to anyone and everyone who disagrees with you. Adding that your comments are also irritating, and annoying, and happening way to often, I really hope, that there will be an ignore button on the forum.

    For the gregtech changes: there are people, that unlike you, doesnt have 24 hour a day to play minecraft. And these people also want to play with gregtech, not only in creative. So keep the recipe changes out out of gregtech, because maybe, just maybe others don't want to spend months mining, because they want to build a tunnel bore, quarry or solar panel, which are - in fact - not in the gregtech mod. Theese changes just enforce everyone to use gregtech as a default mod, because solar panels require silicon cells, which are obtainable one way.
    There is are the forge dictionaries. They are made for mods, to interact with each other. If I say again IF some recipes makes there, than you can change it, but I don't remember they did. Tampering other people's work because "you like this way more" it is just rude.

    The Portapack : 32EU/t, 3.2/5 Thorium based reactor, for your low voltage outpost power needs.

    Note: this could be arranged to get 33EU/t, with 1 less thorium cell (3.67/5) but then would no longer qualify for a LV supply (I use this to provide steam for my engines powering my oil wells).
    33EU/t, notsoPortapack

    I'm going to call this portrapack 2 , this
    It uses less thorium, and you can probably manage the copper. Also you can double it.

    Hi! my experience is that the problem is the environment. Probably tubes or pipes count as air to the reactor, not blocks. When I was building my design I simply heated up the reactor when it was radiating, then I turned it off for a sec. If It was radiating again, then it is positive, if it stopped flaming, then negative.
    If you dont have time, yust put a chicken-dead-switch there and come before it would finish. Hope it helped.

    Haha mine lasted about 4ish hours before blowing up. I had it in a weird shaped bunker so the explosion was directed weirdly lol. But I will give your design a try and see what happens

    Oh God, of course you need uranium for that. It just makes 40 :Uranium Cell: in a cycle and only uses 24, so the other 16 has to go somewhere.

    Its impossible to make more fuel than you need. Game mechanics just dont allow for that. Only thing breeding does is essentialy multiplying
    the amount of uranium cells you get per ore.

    It is using 24 :Uranium Cell: and in half cycle it makes 20, in a full cycle 40 (when it is after 6000 heat). That is more than 24.
    Some more data: You need 625 Stack of ice, 625 per item :P to compress it, this is total 25.000.000 EU for cooling, which is 1/8 of the total. Also each cycle can be done with 5 :Uranium Ingot: . And 62.5 Compressor is needed to keep up this pace (with a small margin, it is 64)
    It is a sheep after setup, take out the ice, after the radiation comes, put the 4 stack and 4 etxtra back, and it is good to go.

    Ok it has been running for 6000 seconds. EU as expected, no fire, no lava, no crater.
    I made a redpower machine to refill it the following way:
    1. Take out Re-Eriched (retriever) if there is any
    2. Put back Isotope
    3. Refill Ice
    It is working nice, but I think I never going to use this many uranium cells. In the radiation-leaking state, it takes 5000 second to charge an isotope cell, so it is making more fuel than needed. I mean the margin is too big, using 24 :Uranium Cell: and making almost 40. I'll make some calculations of the coolig energy usage right now.

    Yes you are right, it was in the next sentence:
    "In latter case, this will generate the normal heat, but NO energy."
    Anyway, i never saw a CASUC breeder, maybe still interesting. I'm going to test it tomorrow (its midnight here :) )

    The planner wrongly calculates efficiency when you use depleted uranium cells. The reactor efficiency is only 4.17. Breeder efficiency is based upon the amount of uranium cells used in the proces of recharging depleted cells which clearly isnt maximalised here. You can combine the two to a total efficiency through some maths.

    "Listen closely now. Uranium Cells will pulse one time for themselves and one time for each surrounding Uranium Cell... OR Depleted Isotope Cell." - Alblaka So if you take an uranium cell and place 4 depleted cells around, the efficency is - in fact - 5.

    Hereby I present you the Holy Grail of CASUC reactors, attention everyone:
    Mark 1-O-CASUC EA
    Perfect Breeder (If you care to set up the enviroment)
    5.0 Efficency, which is the absolute maximum, even in Russia.
    1000 EU/tick 200000000 Total (nice round numbers for you)
    Feed it only 4 ice/sec, connect it to 4 :MFS-Unit:
    I'm pretty sure that it got your attention, so here is the setup for it:
    For the breeding, just turn on for a few seconds. Like 5 exactly.
    Have fun, if you blow up, shame on you :D