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    I couldn't find an explanation on here (forum, wiki, bug tracker) so I tried a bunch of stuff in creative until I found something that works:

    1. Run Uranium Ore through the Macerator to get Crushed Uranium Ore.
    2. Run that through the Ore Washing Plant to get Purified Crushed Uranium Ore.
    3. Run that through the Thermal Centrifuge to get Uranium 238 and Tiny Pile of Uranium 235.
    4. Craft 6 U-238's and 3 U-235 piles into Enriched Uranium Nuclear Fuel.
    5. Extrude an Iron Plate in the Metal Former to get Fuel Rod (Empty).
    6. Run the uranium and the rod through the Solid Canning Machine to get Fuel Rod (Uranium).

    Most of this stuff is radioactive, you'll want a full hazmat suit. Also the Thermal Centrifuge needs 48 EU/t, so you'll need a lot of energy.

    Dry branch - Low tier
    - Looks like the dead bushes found in deserts.
    - Drops some sticks and occasionally a plank.
    - Drops a dead bush if cut with shears.
    - Regrows very fast.
    - Can grow under almost any condition; does not require water or light.
    - Wood, simple, fast.

    Prank plant - Medium tier
    - A weird looking plant with colorful berries.
    - Drops a few prank berries. Prank berries have a random effect, including but not limited to:
    healing, sating hunger, increasing speed, causing sickness and setting the consumer on fire.
    - Average regrowth speed.
    - Grows faster in mushroom biomes.
    - Colorful, chance, funny.

    Expertus rubus - High tier
    - A tall, curved plant with shiny leaves.
    - Drops an expertus leaf, which yields experience upon digestion.
    - Regrows slowly.
    - Only grows in high altitudes in temperate biomes.
    - Bright, smart, slow.

    On it's own the pump will only collect liquids from the block directly below it, i.e. it's only useful for getting water from an infinite spring, not lava. To collect lava, combine it with a miner like this:

    As you know, rubber trees now only drop about 1/2 sapling per tree. E.g. you cut down 10 rubber trees, but only get 5 saplings. This is so you can't grow rubber trees, cut them down for their wood, turn that wood into rubber, then rinse and repeat, but instead have to keep live ones that you extract resin from (which is more realistic). This is fine by me.

    The problem is that this also means you can't expand (or relocate) your rubber tree farm. You have to make do with whatever occurs naturally. Unless you build your base in a swamp biome with plenty of rubber trees, this can make rubber trees a very rare resource to come by. (Especially since they're hard to distinguish from other trees.)

    My suggestion: add a small chance (e.g. 10%) of getting a sapling when you extract resin from a rubber tree. This would make it possible to slowly expand your rubber tree farm by extracting resin like you're supposed to, without making rubber trees "exploitable" like they used to be.

    How about a cloning machine? Input leather, get a cow, input bone, get a skeleton, input gunpowder, get a creeper, etc. The energy and material cost of the machine would be similar to that of a teleporter, so you could set up a mob grinder with it, but it would take an awful lot of energy.

    Afaik 90% of all chopped wood is used for charcoal either way. And i don't think one would create a machine for the few pieces of wood he wants to craft into planks...

    Unless you want to build a wooden house, fence up a large area, make a stack of ladders for a mine shaft, etc.. I guess it depends on your play style, but sometimes you do need a lot of planks. At least in the early game. (So it would make sense for the sawmill to be a cheap machine, one you could build in the first few days.)

    The sawmill could also be used to turn rubber tree wood into resin so you get more rubber out of it than if you just extract it as-is.
    Or turn blocks into slabs (more efficiently). Also maybe something silly like split glass into glass panes, metal into uninsulated cables, TNT into dynamites. :P

    In IC1, whenever I got a surplus of copper and tin I'd use the "secret" recipe to turn it into iron, but that doesn't work in IC2. Is a recipe like that going to be added at some point, or is there going to be some other way to make use of the extra materials, or should I just recycle them?

    As it is now, it takes two hits to kill a monster with the nano saber; just as much as with a chainsaw or a diamond sword. So if you already have either of those, there's no real point in making a nano saber.

    To balance this out I suggest either making the nano saber kill mobs in a single hit, or give it some other useful property like being faster, having an area of effect, stunning enemies or deflecting arrows.