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    Additive Macerating:

    Version 3.6

    • added additive Macerating: using a second Input Slot, you can manipulate certain outcomes
    • current recipes:

    • - 64 Iron Ore + 1 Coal = 128 refined Iron Dust
    • - 3 Copper Ore + 1 Tin Ore = 8 Bronze Dust [Works with any Forge library Copper and Tin]
    • - 8 Coal + 1 Water Cell = 8 Hydrated Coal Dust

    • once additive Macerating has started, any attempt to remove the
      second Input Item will result in one of it's stack being left behind. It
      its only a single Stack, clicking it purges the slot.
    • fixed Shift clicking. Upgrades now automatically land in the
      Upgrade Slots, anything else in Input, shift clicking on machine content
      always puts in inventory

    To the whiners: You do not deserve this mod or my support. Consider yourself ignored from now on

    Compared to the original, v3.5b only changes 2 things:

    Max default Speed: reduced from 10.000 to 7.500
    Default power draw: 1 (+ bugged 15) EU/t -> 3 EU/t - yes its actually less now
    The Voltage change doesnt really matter, LV is more than enough to cover the drain

    I cannot change Overclockers, how OP they are, and i flatly refuse to make them as OP on Advanced Machines.

    If you want the 'old' AdvancedMachines i suggest you go to pwnedgods straight port here


    Well, you were certainly right in one regard, the Machines were in fact drawing more power than they should have ...

    Version 3.5b

    • fixed ancient Energy bug from 3.2 or earlier, resulting in too much Power draw
    • fixed Advanced Machines stopping work when Energy Buffer was empty but Momentum still present
    • fixed Explosion console spam on Bukkit
    • raised Base max Speed to 7500

    I've tested v3.5b macerating full Iron Ore Stacks with a Macerator and a Rot. Macerator, both having 2 Transformer Upgrades, 8 Overclockers, and hooked up to a previously filled and no longer filling MFSU.
    From nothing, the Macerator wins in both Speed and EU. (AS INTENDED)
    However, if i speed the AdvancedMachine up to peak spin beforehand, it is 2x faster as the Macerator, and uses only about half as much power. (AS INTENDED)
    I'm updating the google Spreadsheet with the "fixed" values.

    Fact remains Overclock Upgrades on IC2 machines are ridiculously overpowered, where AdvancedMachines benefit more subtly.


    Why thank you

    Here, i wanted to try out Google Spreadsheets anyway so i made one…d0Ymh5VlBxdkR3VWZBaDBFNUE

    All calculations are taken directly from the sourcecode.

    As you can see, the Advanced Macerator in v3.5 is quite superior in both speed and efficiency, if you pop in a full stack or had it fully running. The first Overclocker has the biggest improvement ... after that, the standard Macerator just declines in terms of Efficiency.


    Jesus whoever coded that really sucks at Math. Or perhaps i do.


    Also, you have to remember the java functions of IC2 and AdvancedMachines brutally cast double to int in this computation (no rounding), which means the underlying Math just breaks once you reach a certain amount of Overclockers (i think below or around 10).

    For someone playing a modification massively changing the feel and flow of Minecraft, you sure whine a lot about changes ;)
    I'm actively adding to this mod, allowing people to have more control over their machines. How much energy they eat in the end is a secondary concern to most, at best.

    Updated to 3.5, fixed some of those issues you reported aswell as some mechanic changes.

    The change to Low Voltage was necessary to give Transformers a reason to exist. A non-Upgraded Advanced Machine is still a lot faster and more efficient than a standard machine, assuming you put a full stack of whatever in.

    That said, I do like the idea of overclockers affecting acceleration rather than speed, and transformer upgrades can be useful. However, I don't want to use a version of Advanced Machines that makes them different from the induction furnace. It makes it obvious that this is an addon, no longer a seamless integration into the base mod. While I would prefer that the induction furnace be used as a template for the new machines, I wouldn't mind a version that mods the induction furnace to match the new properties. I appreciate the work that was put into this, but I feel like it's taken a step in the wrong direction.

    You disregard where their development is pointing to, i expect the Induction Furnace to either be removed or changed completely in the next patches. Then it will probably become part of Advanced Machines instead.

    New version!

    Version 3.4:

    Merged pwnedgod's fixes into this. Changes include

    • customizable Texture and Sound config
    • a different Texture when a machine is working (may not work in SMP)
    • Particles!
    • Extractor has 3 output Slots again, reworked all GUIs for vertical output slots

    Default values are compatible with prior versions, your config should contain the new stuff after running once.

    Version b:

    Reverted base Acceleration to what it was originally, fixed several SMP GUI problems (on bukkit aswell)

    The machines were working before (in SMP), but you could not place or remove things save using pipes.

    I also recommend deleting any Advanced Machines config files you had before, and let fresh ones generate. Values might be in a different category now, i think everything is under "general".

    Current recipes
    (Rotary Ore Washer not included, it's the same as Rotary Macerator except for the Macerator)

    Rotary Macerator
    2x coils, 1x electric motor, 1x Macerator, 1x Advanced Machine casing, 4x Iron Plate

    Centrifuge Extractor
    2x coils, 1x electric motor, 1x Extractor, 1x Advanced Machine casing, 2x electrolyzed Water Cells, 2x Iron Plate

    Singularity Compressor
    2x Obsidian, 1x reinforced Glass, 3x Compressor, 1x Advanced Machine casing, 2x Iron Plate

    Combined Recycler
    1x Rotary Macerator, 1x Centrifuge Extractor, 1x Recycler, 4x Iron Plate

    Rotary Ore Washer
    2x coils, 1x electric motor, 1x Ore Washer, 1x Advanced Machine casing, 4x Iron Plate

    previous (up to 5.2.1) recipes by Silentspy

    Additive Macerating

    In case you can't figure out what it means: There is a second input slot not meant for "Macerator" recipes, but for Advanced Machines exclusive additive maceration recipes.
    Those are as follows:

    Copper + Tin = Bronze Dust [ratio 4:1, one Tin input is enough to get four inputs macerated to additive outputs]
    Coal + Water Cell = Hydrated Coal Dust [ratio 8:1, one Cell for 8 cycles]
    Nether Quarts Ore + Sand = 2x Nether Quartz [ratio 1:1, one Ore and one Sand for 2 Quartz]
    Netherrack + Redstone = 2x Glowstone [ratio 1:1]


    The char limit doesnt let the post contain the versions list ... just get it from my site pls

    Note: Versions past 5.2.2 are reobfuscated using "Searge" names, which means they should be compatible with multiple mc versions. I can guarantee 1.6.2 and 1.6.4 atleast.

    old port version of Advanced Machines taken over from Zippinius, i did not claim Ownership originally but by now i have rewritten and fixed major parts of the code
    These machines have Sound, accept Upgrades and a couple other extras.

    The new version (1.x.x) is completely written by me. With textures stolen from IC2.


    contained in file (always up to date) or here



    Updated to use ModsLoaded() instead of load(), should fix the empty recipe Rotary Macerators once and for all. Also, split off just the Machines. In any case, that rewrite is probably your best bet.

    Just so no broken version remains online

    Also, i did try and add the Macerator sound effect - just to find not only one cannot decompile IC2, but also cannot compile anything against it, to make use of their sound system. GG

    Decompiled 3.2b2 against Forge and IC2 1.70b, fixed API changes. Seems to work. I did not change anything about the source itself [ Short of moving the GUI classes into the main advancedmachines package ]
    I'm also not including that source in the download ... it's not needed for a port to Bukkit. Which i dont want to do. Its late.


    Updated to use ModsLoaded() instead of load(), should fix the empty recipe Rotary Macerators once and for all. Also, split off just the Machines. In any case, that rewrite is probably your best bet.