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    Right, here is my changelog for 3.8 so far (i will not release it until IC2 is updated for 1.2.3)

    Version 3.8
    Added more additive Macerating recipes
    - 1 Coal + 1 Re-Enriched Uranium Cell = 1 Uranium Cell
    - 1 BlockLog (eg wood) + 1 BlockCactus = 1 Compressed Plant Clump

    My above statement contains facts, not rants or "flames" towards anyone.

    False. You know nothing about coding, you cannot assess what i have or haven't done, you package your beliefs as truths like all the others.

    Let me put down a statement regarding the name:
    I will not change it. For all intends and purposes, these are the very same Advances Machines. That they appear inferior to you is a PERSONAL OPINION, to be KEPT TO YOURSELVES.
    It is also not Zippinius mod anymore, for by now major parts of the code are rewritten (and were decompiled IC2 code, as far i can tell, to begin with).

    Because SilentSpy keeps pouncing me in IRC

    Version 3.7
    fixed more IC2 API implementations
    - Advanced Machine facing should be transmitted to clients by the server, thus be kept in sync
    - Advanced Machines can now be turned with a Wrench
    - KNOWN ISSUE: Sometimes Rotation does not Update immediatly, but only after a time or when the machine is switched on
    - KNOWN ISSUE: Upon placing an Advanced Machine the client can crash with an "internal server error", nothing happens on server. Just relog and it should be fine

    fixed additive Macerating giving out 2 refined Iron Dust for 1 Iron Ingot and Coal
    fixed additive Macerating giving out 2 Bronze Dust for 1 Copper Ingot and Tin

    Will fix that next version

    Copper/Tin Ingots aswell, same problem

    You may bring forward your own ideas for additive macerating by the way
    As much i despise the whiners, i have yet to turn down a good idea

    No, the problem was elsewhere. If you want to know: The client/server interaction had multiple flaws, for example the server does not transmit the "facing" value of a machine Block to the client, resulting in a (to the client) wrong faced machine. Another issue was the "active" state ... while the server did keep the client informed, the client kept an internal record overriding the server. I fixed that both, now.

    Version 3.6e (client change only)

    • fixed various Texture issues - on/off visuals and rotation should now be fine, across all machines, hosts and states
    • made the Singularity Compressor emit smoke as the Macerator does
    • dropped block_0 config option since it has no point of existing

    I don't know how, frankly. I'd first have to figure out how this texture business works

    Nobody answered you because nobody knows what you are talking about. No version of Advanced Machines ever allowed macerating of 2 different materials simultaneously, you are thinking Induction Furnace

    Are you sure about that? The way i understood the minecraft file system, there is no distinguishing - ModLoader "places" the mod zip contents in the minecraft directory, and a mod has access to all of it at all times

    All a Texture Pack would have to do is overwrite /ic2/sprites/block_advmachine.png or, if the block_0 setting is set, /ic2/sprites/block_0.png