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    Weird bug, place rot/ macerator on isolated fibre cable run, put in two transformer upgrades, plug into MFSU and it blows up. Have three others running on the run with no problems, each with two transformer upgrades.

    EDIT: Tried with 4 transformer upgrades, still explodes. Issue with advanced machines using transformer upgrades?

    A redstone Signal keeps an Advanced Machine running (to not lose the Momentum), so YES.

    The concept was though, that when idling it wasn't losing momentum but it also wasn't processing so thus wasn't using it's full power needed to run. Induction furnace does the same as this, it idles on less power (It's like 1 eu/t, looking at the current use of an induction with redstone signal.) but doesn't use the full power required (16eu/t at 100% heat). As these machines are basically the "induction furnaces" of the other machines, should they not also follow the same logic as the induction furnace in this regard?

    To put it in a real world (yes I know it's a game) example, my car when idling burns far less fuel then when it's actually moving the vehicle. Not the best example I know, but to keep something at momentum when it's not working against anything, or has no friction to go against, uses less power than when it is pushing/grinding against something. A lot of machines use this principle to save time and power in RL industry.

    EDIT: I will say, I am grateful for the work you have done in upgrading this. I just do feel this does miss the point of the advanced machines idling, considering that with upgrades the spin up speed is pretty tiny anyway.

    Are the advanced machines meant to pull the full amount of power they use when idling with a redstone signal? I'm seeing my rot. macerator pulling 500+ EU with 11 OC upgrades when using, but also the same amount when idling with signal.

    EDIT: Also, your link for 3.4 is linking to the 3.3 download. Just changing it from 3.3 to 3.4 in the link worked though, link below if you're lazy.

    Confirmed not working on SMP, tried on a fresh 1.1 server, latest IC2. GUI shows fine, but when I go to move an item to the macerator it goes funky, either puts the item back or selects a different one, rearranges my inventory.

    Much sadness :(

    This thread should be closed now. We got our solar panel arrays and screw everyone else for the other 3 machines :P

    That's not really very nice, and kind of close minded to those who actually prefer advanced machines to the new upgrade system. The main reason I want advanced machines is the additional output slots which the machine upgrades don't cover.

    I was preparing to chew you for being dumb enough for not reading what i said and completely stating the obvious, but for respect of CPW banning all discussion about solar arrays in a solar array thread i will not say any more about the issue here.

    And here I am, preparing to chew you out for missing my point. You are using the concept that not needing 1024 blocks for the amount of power 512 panels produces is overpowererd. Let's explore that concept a bit.

    Firstly, 1024 seems like a lot of blocks when you first look at the figure. Spatially, however, it really is nothing. A mere 16x32x2 actually. 2 layers on two chunks. That's really nothing, considering we're playing a game where there is (to a degree) near unlimited space in the first place. Space is not the reason these are overpowered, and don't argue the time used to wire and place them, even manually placing them is not a huge feat, a bunch of tin under to wire and a transformer in the centre. The only real argument in this regard is that it's aestheticly not viable. That varies from person to person and you can just shove this in a out of space spot (like a desert) and have some chunkloaders. Overall, I'd say more effort would go into crafting the LV and MV arrays to make the HV array than this.

    So now that I've argued space is not the reason arrays are overpowered, I'll follow with my other point (also echoed by others in this thread) that solar panels, not arrays, are overpowered. Regardless if you can get that kind of power in 1024 blocks or one, the amount of ease in which you get it is the issue, not the space needed to do so.

    Oh, is that a Homestuck avatar you have there?

    I tried your update, but sadly I just bet a big weird gui with MISSING in big letters and it refuses to work :(
    Running mc 1.1, IC2 1.70b with charcoal dust, ic2 therm, Computercraft,
    BC2.whateverthelatestBC2is, Modular Force Field systems and a few other
    smaller mods. Is there anything I might be doing majorly wrong to cause
    this? If not, no sweat, I'll just wait it out for cpw to finish his

    I'm really not sure what difference it is to have one block making 512eu/t or 512 blocks make 1eu/t apart from making servers cry and server admins age early. The amount of resources used is about the same and I know on my server there's a buttload of space we could just haul up solar panels out in a desert out of the way. Nice picture above, but all it shows is that it takes two chunks for 512eu/t from standard solars. Compacted solar's are only as OP as solar panels are themselves, they just run a lot smoother.

    Best solution of all is if you don't like them, don't use them. Applies to any block or mod or item in the game, really. I'm not using them myself, and I don't intend to have them on my server because A. I'd rather have people actually go into nuclear power and B. if someone goes and builds 512 solar panels, they won't be there for long :P