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    I fixed my server's Armor crash problem by reinstalling everything, the only difference being I used Forge, and not .12, which it what I had, and it works fine now.

    Went through the server log and Modloader logs, there's nothing in there, the server itself doesn't seem to go down, just if a player loads the chunk which has the CF foam in it, they get dropped to a blank main menu screen, can't really describe it well, but it's just the BG to my main menu, and there's no text or error. The server records me exiting out of MC as

    1. 13urning lost connection: disconnect.genericReason

    if that helps.

    Upon placing CF Foam in my server, I crash and anybody who loads that chunk crashes too, and is unable to join, is there any fix for this, or does anybody know a way to manually remove the CF Foam?

    I am using IC2 and CampCraft only, Modloader(MP) and Forge are up to date, and Forge is

    I'm having similar problems with my server.
    What if Forge is indeed the latest "recommended build"?
    Does it have to be EXACTLY Forge 1.3.3, or can it be

    This is the error my server gets before crashing