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    The miner does charge its tools while it's running, that's intended. They do get discharged as it mines, so it draws additional energy to fill them back up so that you don't have to do it manually. :)

    I don't know about the geothermal being laggy (the box I run Minecraft on is pretty beefy), but the constant switching on and off at least is going to be fixed in the next release. Hopefully that's the source of your problems with it.

    Considering I was just running Crysis on max settings two days ago, and then the geotherm starts lagging me in Minecraft today, it is very laggy (yes, I do know that Java does not run efficiently, still though :P) It seems like the constant on/off part is what makes it so laggy to me.

    As for the charging, I was thinking RE Batteries would at least charge the OV Scanner, since if I understand right RE Batteries charge pretty much everything else like that.

    The problem with non-renewable energy sources, coughcoalcough, is that you need to go further and further to gather enough to run all your neat machines and gadgets, especially if you haven't reached the point of nuclear energy yet.

    However, I have decided I will take that no longer, I've turned to a renewable energy source that's far more usefull (and tasty) than coal! Sugar Cane.

    This farm is not made for efficiency, but speed. Running along it's rows to gather only the middle section and up produces around 623 pieces of sugar cane in one harvest, and leaves behind enough to perform another harvest soon after. It's quick growing, and easy to process into fuel for my machines. Now if only fuel worked in the current IC2...... MinecraftGhast

    I've looked around a bit to find this and haven't found anything about it, but when I upgraded to an OV Scanner after draining it looking for ore I could not recharge it.

    I tried using a RE Battery in my hand, a batbox, even sticking it in my generator and I could not restart it. It wasn't until I stuck it inside of my Miner and started mining that it actually recharged. I haven't checked against since then however, so I'm not sure if it's still bugged like that.

    When I crafted the OV Scanner and began using it I was wearing a batpack,so it might be related to that. Maybe it flagged itself as taking power from my batpack even though it wasn't?

    Also, an unrelated note: The Geothermal generator is very laggy, to the point that as soon as I drain all the power from it I will be removing it until the next update.