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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I doubt heat can be transported 5000km to the surface, but if it can, I don't think there is going to be much heat left. Even if the turbine was in the depths, it would still lose the majority of all the power on the way up. Also, drilling 40km in a day seems just a little bit too fast.

    I don't think you could have a charge and discharge slot in it, as that could cause some problems when they merge. So it would only have a display for energy value. I also suggest this working with teleporters, so you can do long teleports that need more energy than whatever you can achieve with MFSU's.

    Those uranium recipes are overpowered and game-breaking.
    A simple reactor setup can provide 6m EU per uranium cell. When you can get uranium for one UU matter that, which cost 1m EU without scrap, it's pretty self explanatory.
    The other recipe is overpowered because of breeding.

    Maybe it wasn't the crops, maybe there is a huge amount of entities in that region? I think there is an unofficial build for McEdit that works with 1.2. You can use that to check if there are entities there, just go to options and make sure "Show Entities" is checked, and look for red cubes.

    I'm pretty sure most people don't know how to create a redstone counter, and even if they do, it's hard to read how much power it has used in binary. It is also very inaccurate and limited. You can only see it in multiples of 40k/600k/10m and you are limited to using 32/128/512 EU/t, unless you make many, which then starts to be very costy, and even more inaccurate.

    you could actuall already engineer this. first off you could set like 10 MFSUs in a row and then that would make a 100million EU feed supply, when a player needs to buy more power then they can pay you, you check to see how much is left in the battery line, then you go to a splitter cable and turn it on to refill their battery and charge them accordingly. if they are using more then 100million a day or per week then they can pay you to upgrade their storage limit, say by 50 million per a set amount.then all you'd need to do is att 5 more MFSU's in the line or stack then and wire them together so that it drains evenly. it's pretty easy to accomplish. and as for how much power your house is making/receiving, you cna use the EU Detector. i use it on my house everytime i upgrade my power system on my house, currently which is at 7,560 EU/t

    How can you use a detector cable to see how much power your mass fabricator has ever consumed?
    As for your method of using energy storage blocks to sell power, it would be a lot more inconvenient, if the person who buys power runs out, he would have to wait for the power provider to go online and manually turn it on for a certain amount of time, this could be a long wait before he could get more. With my idea, the power provider could take note of the power consumed, and compare it with the previous value to come up with a price, just like in real life, and there are countless of other uses for this block as well.

    Could be abused. You can get infinite of any dye by just making a sheep farm, sheep regain their wool so fast that if you have like 15-20 of them, you can constantly shear them. No matter what dye it is, you could abuse it and get as many as you wish of that dye, even if it is just ink sacks, or yellow dye.
    In short: Sheep regenerate whatever color and you can basically dupe it that way.

    It would be a block, and it can only be removed by a wrench, by the player who placed it, though anyone would be able to open the GUI. It would work similar to the kW counter in your house, namely count how much power goes through it. This could be useful for many things, such as:
    - You could make a system where other people buy power and the cost depends on how much power is used, just like in real life. (I am aware of the Energy-O-Mat, but this would be much more flexible.)
    - You can see how much power different factories, or parts of your house uses.
    - You can see how much power your power station produces.
    - The list goes on...

    It would count kEU, where one kEU is 1000 EU.
    I think this would be a very useful block, and would be easy to code.
    One variable for the EU less than 1000 and another variable for the kEU (two separate variables to avoid integer overflow with large amounts of energy)

    The recipe could probably include a EU-reader.