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    Thank you for your mention.

    if you can only supply 50 HU per machine

    This is the point.

    Actually, simple oil only can provide 16HU/t and the biogas provides only 32HU/t.

    Because there is no Buildcraft currently, this is the maximum of oil based heat generator.

    Recently I realized that the easiest way is using Radioisotope Heat Generator by putting Pellets of RTG Fuel.

    Hmmm... It is easy way but less interesting for me.

    Anyway now I implemented 50EU/40mb simple oil based steam generator.

    Thank you for your supports, all of you.

    Thank you for your kind reply. (Oh, you are a northern man...)

    If you use superheated steam the efficiency increases drastically

    If I want to use superheated steam, as I know, I should supply 200HU/t.

    Currently I just managed to supply 100HU/t by using biogas. (Actually I want to claim on the speed of fermenter also but we can talk about this later)

    As mentioned on the wiki, heat exchanger and electric heater are the only way to supply more than 100HU/t.

    Maybe, I can include electric heat generator by accepting some energy lose if the efficiency of superheated steam is very big.

    Can you tell me how strong the superheated steam is, i.e. like normal steam output is 200KU/t, what is superheated steam output?

    This information would help me to design.

    Thank you !

    Hi, there !

    Currently I'm playing All the mods which consists of IC2 also.

    Now I'm interested in steam boiler system but recently I realized a simple problem.

    The energy efficiency of steam generation system is totally same as stirling generator.

    If I provide 100HU/t than the final kinetic generator generates 50EU/t.

    Well, someone can claim that we cannot provide 100HU to stirling but the amount of energy problem can be solved easily by just using a number of stirlings.

    Also, currently I'm using liquid fuels and for this liquid fuels, actually the semifluid generator shows totally same efficiency.

    Therefore, we can conclude that using semifluid generator is more easy and the energy efficiency is same.

    In this point of view, the usage of steamboiler is only for nuclear reactors by using thermal exchanger and hot coolant.

    If I'm right, I want to quit IC2.

    Is there any other suggestion of using the steam boiler?