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    The uranuim cell gun should use depleted cells instead. Penetration!

    Hmm... that's make me thinking about using Nuclear Waste for ammo, spread the radiation!

    -- Edit:

    Didn't notice radiation make lag (put many block at once). At my old computer -that already broken twice- placing or removing a single block will drop fps from 17-19 to 5-8, nuke reactor explode make it freeze like 1-2 seconds.

    So... radiation... out!
    Go! Penetration!

    Like... a bed... with some batterys wired to it?
    The last time i tried, applying electric current to myself, it did NOT heal me XD

    Maybe... it is a heated bed, make bed warm and make you have a good sleep in cold night, perfect in snowy biome :) . A good sleep is a healthy and make you feel better at next day, even not completely well if you have large wounds :D .

    I think it's good to have more items that can created from UU, I'm just thinking is 3x3 crafting grid enough for more items?
    But not good because make things easier.
    Maybe... make it little more difficult and little time consuming (making UU is time consuming already :pinch: ) by adding one machine that can craft anything from UU. Put some UU in there and choose what item you want to make with that much UU and let the machine do their things.

    Oh... kay... Industrial Conflict...
    I never heard it before, thank you for mention it. Be right back... or not. At least searching info for Industrial Conflict for 5 minutes and doing facepalm for 30 minutes.

    Cell Rifle
    I need better names...

    I have playing using IC2 for 2 weeks... or more... . Everything is very good... even I can't complain one of my machines exploded because bad wiring. The only one I don't like is Mining Laser, it's good not overpowered, but not so good on enemies of Invasion Mod (At least for me, idk I'm not good for doing survival on some wave or I just complaining to items. I'm use Bow and arrows better than Mining Laser... oh... I forgot, it's Mining Laser, not for shoot enemy).
    So I have some ideas to add a Rifle that using Cell to operate, but I'm not a modder.
    This Rifle can shoot depend on what Cell that installed in there.
    Everything crafting in 2x2 crafting grid, shapeless, can be anywhere.
    1. Cell Rifle + Water Cell :Water Cell: = Water Rifle
    This Rifle shoot a Water Ball only when full-charged (Hold Right-Click Button). The Water cause 4 damage (2 Heart) and some good knock back. It's useful for pushing entity from cliff... only. Oh, it can kill chicken in one shot.
    The Shot range for this weapon same as full-charged bow.
    This Weapon have 8 uses, when used up, a Water Rifle return to Cell Rifle and it ejecting empty cell to ground (not inventory) you can pick it up again.
    You can ejecting it by pressing Mode (Hold M + Right Click) it will eject empty cell to inventory.

    2. Cell Rifle + Lava Cell :Lava Cell: = Flame Rifle

    This Rifle shoot Fire Ball in limited range, maybe just half of full-charged bow, cause 18 damage to entity, burn it and burn terrain. It's deadly.
    It can shoot when not full-charged, but have decreased range. Beware for click... a right click (not hold) a fireball will drop in front of you and burn yourself.
    This Weapon have 4 uses.

    3. Cell Rifle + Uranium Cell :Uranium Cell: = Nuclear Rifle
    That's a Nuclear... it will clear everything. Better shot it from very far places.
    It full charged shot have range as same as full charged bow. Beware... don't hold Right Click too long, it will Overcharged and Explode... and you successfully make a nice big hole.
    This Weapon have 1 use only.

    4. Cell Rifle + Ammo Cell (that's new) = Single-Shot Rifle
    This is your normal classic rifle.
    Ammo Cell can be created by using Iron + Tin + Gunpowder = Ammo Package, compress it. It become 4 Bullets, and... put empty Cell in the middle of crafting table, surround it with 8 bullets.
    Bullet can deal 14 damage, hold Right Click just zoom it a little just like a bow.
    Range of this weapon is 32 block, straight.
    Have 8 uses, but if you ejecting cell, it will return bullets that not used yet, a cell is break in progress, even a bullet is used up it will ejected as a scrap.


    Cell Rifle

    :Iridium: :Iridium: :Electronic Circuit:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Bronze Dust: :Iridium:

    :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating: :Intergrated Plating:

    :Iridium: = Advanced Alloy

    :Bronze Dust: = Redstone Dust

    :Electronic Circuit: = Advanced Circuit

    :Intergrated Plating: = Nothing

    (Ouch... it's cheaper than Mining Laser... better think better recipe...)


    I thinking using the other cell but I feel it not useful enough (Using Biofuel to shot?) and Electrolyzed Water Cell not useful enough, or it will overpowered if it can call lighting on hit. Or create new Cell like Gravel Cell to shot like shotgun, or Stone Cell like... throwing stone... or Diamond Dust for making Diamond Ammo Cell that can damage any entity in line.

    I'm not a fan of automatic rifle so I don't post any idea that make machine guns or something like that. I just like: Load... Aim... Shoot!

    This is my very first post in any forum. I apologize if there's anything wrong in my post. And sorry for my bad grammar and spelling, English is not my language.